Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

I'm yelling Tinder

So.. I know we're all thinking about it...Never mind, scratch that: I hate generalisations. Most of us will have heard about Tinder and to be honest at first I was a little apprehensive. I mean posting pictures of myself, for the sole purpose of being judged and rated? What was I? A sex-doll in a shop, thought to be bought by a bunch of guys? But as always, boredom came upon me again one evening and so I downloaded the controversial app... I was suprised. In a good way! Never have I had so many fun, flirty and interesting conversations. It was wonderful to feel in charge of my own love life for a change and not having to go through the process of akward dates, drunk meetings (which you end up forgetting in the morning) or wannabe posers. Once you have a match you know you both find each other hot. Selection. And even though that word sounds daunting at first; don't we all do it, all day? When we're in a club, we judge the guys and pick the hot ones to pull our dance moves off for. When we walk down a street, we check and rate people. Yes it's not only about looks and if you're looking for a soulmate you're wrong here. But similarly if you're looking for comfortable shoes don't enter Louboutin. I mean we want fun, interesting, different and variety. We pick guys the same way we pick lunch, carreers and shoes. Based on multiple factors. Shoes: price, designer, looks. Career: pay, future, interest, location. Lunch: healthiness, price, tast. And well boys; character, looks, background. It's a fact and I mean hello 21st century? Why are we still afraid to admit that we select? 

We are aesthetics, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. And beauty and hotness are percieved differently by different people. But if you're both coincide that you're hot, well go for it! That's life and finally someone was honest enough to develope an app for it. Remeber, dating is like shopping: suppossed to be fun, sometimes conflicting and at times expensive(outfits,makeup  ;)) and dissapointing, but finding a great guy or a pair of reasonable, ravishinf heels is worth the trouble

Still loving fashion,

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Happy ever after

I still belong to the generation where fairtytales were read with a happy endings. Nowadays however children are clarified right away, that there are no princes on white horses, no magical solutions and no happy-ever-afters. But what is so wrong with wanting a happy, love story? One that doesn't end in tears and heartache. One that doesn't leave you cold inside. Have we become so cynical we don't even give happy-ever after a chance? I wish I could write that I'm proof happy-ever-after exsists, but until now I unfortunately can't report anyhting of that kind. What I can say though, is that I've learned to make my own fairytales. Get up on my own horse. For my last holiday I went skiing and ended up in an old traditional hotel. At first I wasn't delighted, I like modern, I like glass and fancy bathrooms. One day I somehow stumbled into this room filled with book shelves. the room itself looked like something that belonged in Narnia or such; carved, coushioned stools, drawings on the walls, thick heavy, golden curtains and floor to ceiling bookshelves. When I studied these books closer, I was honestly dubstruck. Hundreds of the worlds finest authors were lined up in an array of fate and language, ready to take anyone into a different world. The more I looked the more I was pulled into a magical world. Upon opening cuboards I found original copies of diaries, books and poetry collections from as early as 1800. I sat on the floor in this library and immensed myself in my own fairytale. 

That room became my secret, my fairytale. I would come in my expensive designer shoes and favorite dresses and let these amazing people enrich my world with their experiences. Maybe I haven't had my fairytale yet, but I strongly believe it will happen. Don't lose faith, keep your dresses on and your head high and posture worthy of Blanik and Jimmy Choo. You never know, maybe your prince and your happy-ever after is just around the corner. Until then we can continue playing dress up, like we did when we were kids, and create and alter our dream fairytales. Imagine those streets you're walking are yellow tiles from the Wizard of Oz, pretend you are going somewhere special everywhere, because if you truly believe it will come true and what better way is there than to start by dressing the part? You don't need to lose a shoe to become Cinderella, sometimes finding one can be just as comforting (especially when the prince isn't there)

Still loving fashion,

Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

make your mark

I know I have already once written about lips, but I can't help it; I need to show of my awesome new necklace and refer back to my statement about how fascinating lips are. I don't even know why, but it is a fascination which has lasted over centuries. Since 5000 years women have been using lipstick and especially artists have highlighted them in paintings and pictures. They symbol beauty and call for attention which is essentially what we aim for when we apply lipstick. But not only are lips on our faces, no they are depicted on shirts, bags, books and much more; like my necklace for example. 

Queen Elizabeth 1
I personally think that anything can be made a symbol. One person just decides that they think one feature is worth of adulation and people, like sheep, tend to follow suit. In regard to red lips, it was none other than Queen ELizabeth 1 who brought the red lips into fashion. Creating trends, be it worldwide or only in your group of friends, demonstrates power and influence. Only if you are fearless you can change things. This is what people in my opinion tend to forget, fashion is not a superficial series of trends; it's a movement. People joining with common intrests, just like we do in politics or music or other art forms. Yet somehow fashion always tends to be the least acclaimed. People like me and you change that, by writing and reading about fashion and this is what I think is amazing. SHaring ideas and somehow, somewhere influencing each other. Making a change, making a mark.

Make your mark, with red lips or other. You can do it
Still loving fashion,

Montag, 20. Januar 2014


"Sharing is caring" we preach to children from small ages onwards. If we don't want to share our cookies, shovels or toys our parents, grandparents, or really just any parent in the room is bound to refer to that old saying. When it comes to shovels I completely agree; in regard to cookies I even love sharing, especially if I made them myself, as it shows that I baked well; however when it comes to shopping at sales, I turn into a hunched-over, gollumesque, mad-eyed creature; snatching everything in my size and in sizes +/- 1 just in case, with only one thought on my mind, "MINE!"

I'd share chocolate.. but not shoes
I like to share, really, I do. And generally I think I'm a fairly generous person. But honestly if your anything but selfish at sales your Jesus or something. I mean, clothes, jewelry, shoes and accesories for less? and your giving it away? I always have to convince myself to still give presents away I bought in sale. My mother is very similar and has even been driving me crazy, by presenting new items (really anything from pillows to jackets and books) which she bought on sale. She is the kind of person who will soon be running from bankers because her credit card is probably already ashes. But, I guess sales bring out the worst in us. In me it's my little gollum being (which may also come out if I've had too little sleep or no food..) For my mom, it's forgetting we have enough stuff, for my friends its buying too much... 

Oh well, it's not always sale in my city.... But what were planes made for? ;)

Still loving fashion,

Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

true friends, true you

I love those friends which whom you can laugh about stupid things sober. Those who will be there with you, in bed, on a saturday night, eating ice-cream, drinking tea and gossip and trash god knows what. Those who will laugh about your embaressing moments, with you and not at you. Those who will be there in moments where you need someone to be sad with you, and not be a stupid optimist looking at the brght side of your boyfriend cheating on you. With those friends, it is so much easier to figure out who you are and what you want. You start to feel more comfortable in your own skin; because you know there are people who love you just the way you are. And you begin sharing things easily, which you might never have told otherwise. I, for example, have always felt akward about my insomnia, as I always thought people would look at me strangely; and only tonight did I notice how easy it was for me to mention it, listing it like any other thing, because I felt comfortable and happy. True friends are those whose annoying mannerisms you know, fight with and still cuddle in the knowledge that you couldnt live without them. Or at least not as happily as you are now.

I know many people who habitually deny they have "best friends" takling about a stupid classification system of ranking your friends; but in reality they're just afrais to give someone the ability to hurt them, to let them know they're important. But if you can't do that, if you're so incapable of trusting, how can you trust yourself?

I guess new years has got me feeling sentimental, but why do we waste so much time being angry and criticizing, when there is so much fun we could have? To all those who have made their new years resolutions, don't forget to add spending time with your friends and time in which you appreciate what you have, focussing on the good instead of the bad and letting friends in when you're feeling low, because there's always that one friends who knows what to do. And if you let them in, you will let yourself be, be the best you can be, dream big and live great.

Still loving fashion,

Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013


Dresscodes. I mean who invented them? Instead of helping us, which some myth claims is what they're there for, they confuse us to a state of chaos. Take my news years eve invitation for example. Dresscode: jacket. Really? Jacket. And I mean that's basically for the men, but even for them. Do they mean tie jacket? Sports Jacket? Leisure jacket or even suit jacket? And then how are women suppossed to apply that to themselves?! Oh he's wearing a suit makes sense I'll just go to my closet section of suit and pull something out... NO! Men do you EVER think for a tiny moment in what kind of chaos you throw us when writing dresscodes. And I'm assuming it's men because any woman writing a dresscode "jacket" should have to suffer under one of Karl's rants. I mean is a long dress too formal? But what if it's really a mini-dress with a long seethrough skirt over..? Does that still count as long? And what kind of shoes? Elegant or party? Black or color? Sparkling or not? Pants even? 

Dress codes make life harder; because they make the already demanding process of picking out what to wear almost impossible, because you're trying to figure out what that person would like you to wear and then also combine it with what you really want to wear, which let's face it, is impossible in the world of fashion. 
Therefore I tend to ignore dresscodes which has, I admit, caused the one or other akward situation (although I wasn't the one embarassed, it was my date, friend or family). But really, isn't dresscode just something we slap on the invite to make it look formal? I mean doesn't it sound so sophisticated when you call out "and remeber the sports/elegant dresscode!"Because while you're thinking pastel twin set with mid-high heels, she's thinking Jeans and the latest nikes and costume jewlerry and the man is already groaning inwardly knowing they'll be late and all the good food will be gone.

So forget dresscodes, you'll never dress like someone expects you to and that's good! Only you know what you'll feel comfotable in, and if you're coming by car you can always keep a extra outfit (or two) in the trunk ;)

Still loving fashion

Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013

what to do when you don't know what to shop

Guys? Guess what? It's almost christmas! I know, Shocker there. I'm sure you've barely even noticed with the minimal decorations, imperceptible red and green lights and slight cookie scent. And weil I'm sure we are all very aware of the Hearing christmas, I'm 90% sure no one has really gotten around to getting presents yet, me included, as that is usually the hardest part. What to get, if you're broke, your receivers are seemingly unintrested in ANYTHING but a ferrari or gold rolex, or she/he never actually wears the things you thoughfully spent ages picking out (and taking ages to convince yourself not to keep it, that she will let you borrow it). I have a family made up like this and every year I try new things, homemade, funny, pretty... Nothing. I don't think I've actually ever seen either of my parents use any of their gifts, well except for my das wearing the shirt I got him as a PJ... if that counts. 

My friends however are great and always tell me what great gifts I get so I thought I'd share a few ideas:

  1. underwear, pretty underwear and in the right size, always go for smaller if you're not sure, they'll be flattered and you can never have too much underwear
  2. a subscription for their favorite newspaper or magazine, the french Vogue is ridiculously cheap in comparision to the US or British version and let's face it, we only look at the pictures anyway
  3. a cool phone,laptop or ipad case, we are always breaking ours anyway and a funny new case is the best to put a smile on our face
  4. matching hat and gloves, or matching ring and necklace, pick something funny like the moustache trend it's cute and bound to be worn
  5. a cute cup with something on it that reminds you of them, NOT a cheesy picture cup, those are going to be "accidentally" dropped
  6. wine, good liqour with christmas taste, no one (well almost no one) is going to say no to a good bailey's or gingerbread liquor
There we go I hope these suggestions helped. I'm going to fully target christmas shopping in Paris next week, since wine just seems so much better if you bought it in France: I know we are so godamm superficial.

Still loving fashion,

P.S. Obviously if your friends a fashionista too, clothes, shoes and bags are the best... I don't have to mention that?!