Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

Anti-Hangover remedy

Sunglasses. Let's face it they weren't made to protect our eyes. They were made to hide our tired, hungover faces with deep eye shadows. Which is I prefer the trend with XXL. Anything that hides as much of face as possible. I mean let'S face it, we love taking pictures with sunglasses because they make us look better. The ideal example of how functional things can serve so much better as fashion accessories. Although I have to say the newest shape with round glasses. Forever classics are of course Ray Bans, although you have make sure they match your face shape. Also a huge fan of Versace, they're sunglasses are so eccentric and you don't awlays have to buy  real ones. I believe everyone needs a pair of fakes ;) Surethey're not good for your eyes, but I mean 90% of the time we wear them for different reasons anyway. Wether you're tired, have a bad face day, hunover eyes, or even a bad face lift, pop on those shades and all is good. They're basically our hats for the face. Even better you can push then in your hair to disguise that your hair wold be flying all over the place. Just make sure you don't push those expensive ones in your hair because they will loosen and become to wide.
Can't live without, no words needed instant cool

Still loving fashion,