Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Something of Witches

What can we learn of witches? Well apart from the fact they can fly and make everyone fall in love with them, which is surely very useful but unfortunately rather unlikly, (unless you are like Miranda Kerr or Angelina Jolie) they show us how mysterious dark colors are. Because when wearing all dark every speck of color stands out, which is why we often wear it with red  lipstick. Even better I have discovered however is neon. Not a complete neon piece but weaving neon in. These leggins I admit kind of make me look like someone who runs away from black cats and has a creepy snake at home somewhere (which I definetly don't! I have the biggest snake phobia ever) and no they aren't cobwebs but actually flowers. The longer you look at them the more you see the fine detail. I just realized those when I was sitting in the subway, in the shop I just glimpsed the neon and knew I HAD to buy them. 

Once again they lead me looking slightly dark, but hey either pair it with a smile or wear them on a day you don't want to talk to anyone, the pants work better than any spell ;) Yet again, extravagant and crazy but they do stand out and if you're trying to attract male or any attention for that matter in a club, pair them with shorts and high heels and some swaying hips and they will all be spell bound. Never be afraid of weird clothes it's your attitude that counts

Still loving fashion,


If you have been reading my posts for a while you will know I'm one of the biggest SATC ever! SJP and Mr Big are my heroes like others worship the whole vampire stuff. So absolutely nothing made me happier than to hear there was going to be a Carrie Diaries series. This calls for a *yay* especially since there is now also going to be a season two *double yay*! Just like SATC,  I find the series enchanting with all the fashion from 40 years ago and ironically I heard that barely anything had to be made seperately, because all the trends are coming back so most of the clothes could be bought at topshop and H&M. I also feel the series is a refreshing difference from all the drugs and sex and scandal, showing what the world can be without all that, the other side behind all the Glitz and Glam.

The thing which caught my attention right away was the awesome Carrie bag. It shows how you can create a unique masterpiece through accidents or with limited possibilities which will then be hyped, especially due to it being unique. I love that bag, but the thing is that there are quite a few like those on the market today so I decided not to be a complete copycat but make something using the same idea. I bought a pair of plain white skinny jeans, got out all my favorite nail polishes and started splattering. I have to admit I thugh it would be a lot easier. But after 2 hours or so the pants were completely splatteres, so was I for that matter and I still find bits of color now :D Nevermind totally worth it, because the pants certainly made heads turn when I paired them with a simple white tank, black blazer and belt and high heels.

I haven't washed them yet so I have no idea what will happen after washing, I'm kind of scared to try, but I hope they will stay the same since it is nail polish. Anyway try it! I've gotten into splatter mood and been decorating pants, shirts and also my iphone cover which looks super cool and will ensure it can't be stolen ;) Let's get started Carrie's, you all have that creative side if you love fashion

Still loving fashion,

Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

Sun worshipping

Tanning is one of those ironic habits. In Europe, everyone tans to look posh, as if they had just returned from a holiday abroad. The darker the tan the more jealousy you will recieve. Nothing is sexier or more envied than tan legs and face. Not to mention it optically slims and hides skin blemishes. In the US and southern countries however people do everything to stay pale. Use sun screan, big hats and long sleaves. As well as staying out of the sun as much as possible. In those countries there is still the deep rooted belief that tan skin signifies poorness as gardners and workers used to be tan from working outside all day. There anyone can be tan due to the everyday  sun and often nerby oceans. Now it is special to be pale, have that snow white skin color. Like always we want what we can't have. I for one will never understand humanity, why do we always strive for the things out of reach? I, for one, would die to have sun everyday.

Therefore, I obviously am a girl for tan skin. It takes away my unlucky eye shadows and generally makes me look better. Lately, due to lots of rain, my tan has unfortunately begun to fade and so I decided to share my newest find with all the ones who love sun as much as me.

Neon, it has been the 'in' statement all year  on shoes, glasses and dresses. But what we forgot through all the glamour and editorials is how neon can make our skin look! I was shocked when I pulledon neon yellow socks and shorts and looked in the mirror: my skin look at least 2 shades darker! In my delight I spent the whole day in those shorts, which looked rather weird due to the fact it was 16°C outside and raining, but I couldn't resist the temptation of looking as if I had just been on holiday and showing of my legs. It did get quite a few envious looks. So if you would like an exotic tan pull on neon in combination wiht white. However don't do that if you're very pale! You will look like a ghost! WHile paleness can look enchanting with rose, red or black, white and white never match and you will look like you are about to head to the graveyard rather than a party. Another tip, put fresh squeezed lemon juice in your hair to obtain blonde streaks and run coconut oil onto your skin, it leads to faster tanning and burn prevention.

Still loving fashion,

Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Sky high

A girls best friend apart from diamonds? High heels. They make our legs endless, give us a upright posture and by now I find it impossible to dance in anything but. In Berlin I found my newest pair which are definetly hot,hot,hot. While my mom is constantly complaining about how I'm ruining my feet and legs and will break an ankle sometime soon (which I probably will, just wait for my post from hospital) I can't help it, they are just too gorgeous. Anyway apart from the awesome straps I also love the dual colors, perfect for a dress with mixed colors, it evens out the outfit and carries out the outfit idea until the toes. Anway go buy! It's sale and these will enhance your beautiful legs, once you have tanned and shaved that is ;)

still loving fashion,

Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

Summer love

Summer love is in the air and while I have decided to stear clear of love thanks to all the drama of my friends recentely, I have taken to the wise decision of granting fashion all of my heart. While I'm not too sure my credit card is thanking me for this I have benn in heaven for the last days, there is nothing like summer sale. Due to the unexpected hot weather shopping outside has been rather brutal,  swollen feet and sassy high heels were never a good match, but there is still online shopping. I've been rading asos and nasty gal and have got my eyes on the most adorable wedges.

On one of my trips where I actually made it out of the house and down the block to buy lemonade (my most recent craving, I'm just never going to get that bikini body) I of course had to take the opportunity to stroll past a few shop windows and tada! I found the most awesome skinny jeans. They're super comfortable and come in short and long and with every type of pattern and color. GORGEOUS and not even expensive! Happy about my newest find I paired it up with my neon v-neck and blazer to create a typical clean model chic oufit which made heads turn and is perfect for going out as it does still get cold at night, so don't forget your blazer girls, weathers to nice to have a cold ;)

Still loving fashion,

Returning to myself

You know that feeling when you just want to get out of town? Forget all the people you see everyday, get out of that gossip cycle in which lately you have been playing too big of a role, when your done doing what everyone always expects you to do and want to let loose? Well no better city for that than a fashion metropole so I headed to Berlin the other day. The weather was crazy warm and I just had the best time shopping till I drop, tanning in parks and devouring asian food all day long. Here is the thing I've been waiting for forever my new pink Doc Martens. What can I say? I have finally found my match. Eccentric, loud and yet simple, evrything I pride myself on being. I found the leggins in a small shop in an alley along with a bunch of other super cool things. They match perfectly with my new Doc Martens. I put on everything today and spent the morning ejyoing the startled looks of everyone, so good to be back and be the colorful bird in a uptight city full of posh rich kids and botox parents :)

Another major change not only happened in my head but also on my head. I got rid of my long locks and dyed my hair ginger. Yep, trust me I was the last one expecting this but the hairdresser advised me I decided to go for it and actually kind of like it. We all need a change sometime because it's a mad world out here and we are all struggling to be ourselves and I finally feel like I'm myself again, I'm at my centre again, so take a deep breath when you're going crazy and get out of your city, it will do you good. Remeber life is what you make of it

Still loving fashion,

Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013


Poise is one of those things all women strive to posses. We want to be poised in order to seem indestructable, like no one can hurt us. That's why certain clothes are hard to wear. They require honesty and confidence. They make us face things we hate, give people a weak spot to target. But wihtout that weak spot we could also never feel that rare exhilarating happiness which overcomes us at times. Dressing in a short or sexy dress for example can lead to some people calling us cheap or slutty. That same dress might however also make our belovedes heart beat faster. In order to win we must risk and trying out new things is scary and will always take a certain courage, but we have to stop hiding our feelings. Let go at times, find moments to express our feelings.

Society has taught us to stop doing exactly that. Music only centers around sex and parties and while I'm sure there are people whose minds only revolve around those things some still have actual feelings. Those feelings like hurt, sadness and fear are not sung about as much anymore, because of course we look much cooler when singing about last nights one night stand than family problems. Singing about superficial things makes us seem cool and gives us a place to hide. Same with books, why do books center aroung pointlesss things, because we have 'used up' all the old ideas? That's ridiculous, but how people think. It's the reason celebrities can only wear a ceratin dress once, after that it's used up. But we forget that that dress would never look the same. It would change with the poise and aura of the person wearing it adn every moment being unique nothing can ever be used up. Stop pretending and generalising moments, feelings and appperances. No one is the same and if we would stop all attempting to potray our poise in the same manner we might see that. 

Elegance does not require a cold heart but the ability to express emotions in the right way and time. Instead of hate and drugs and acolohol, poise let's us seem composed, that we accept our feelings. Control is good but don't overcontrol. Elegance comes with acceptance and I have seen women look more elegant in jeans and boots that celebrities in oscar gowns, simply because they stayed true to themselves. They weren't trying to be someone they weren't, hiding age behind botox and insecurities behind spandex and sadness behind the muzzle of their publicist.

Let your clothes honestly reveal who you are. Wear everything with confidence and remeber 100 people might judge what you're wearing but if one person loves it, it's all woth it again because that one person is the only one which matters.

Still loving fashion,

Montag, 10. Juni 2013

When do we lose our innocence?

Many people think of virginity when we say innonence, especiallly about girls. But is virginity really such a big deal that afterwards we aren't innocent anymore? Can't we also lose our innocence while a virgin. We do stupid things all the time, things we regret and think we wish we could make undone. But we can't and I guess maturing is to learn to live with them. And maturing does not unfortunately come wiht age, people always think that, but really if you have been protected all your life and never had any other problems than what to eat for lunch you're not mature. Life makes us mature and we can hide from it or meet it shoulders back and head high. Sometimes I wonder how you can tell if a person is innocent. Some dress sweet as pie and you think they couldn't swat a fly, when it turns out they just devoured a shark. Pink, rose and white don't make  you innocent. Neither do high cut tops and long skirts and penny loafers. You are either hiding from reality or refusing to grow up. 

We each have something special and a way to show it. Be it creativity, intelligence, being a good friend or althlete. Everyone has something and a way to show it to the world. The problem is most don't and when they do that is the moment I belive we begin to mature. Wether you're gay and are wearing pink for the first time, or the manbag you've been dying to use but only strutted in the safety of your four walls. Or if you love to sing and have a inclination towards Beyonce and just don't dare to wear gold in case to attract attention or sexy outfits on stage, if you only buy them and then chicken out and wear jeans on stage. If you love to design and have hand made dresses and spray painted shirts you are afraid will be laughed at, even though you spent months on them. If you love sport and your sweats more than anything in combiantion with your Nikes but don't want to be thought of as a tomboy so you wear plaited skirts and blouses. If you  hate high heels because you can't walk in them but wear them to appear ladylike. Or if you love low cut and see-through but don't want to be laughed at or called a slut.

We are afraid of others judging us, that we often forget they are too. My teachers used to love how I dressed until I got into black and hotpants. I was the althlete until I wanted to look like a girl. I loved making outfits and changing clothes but never dared in fear to be looked at weirdly. I still am being looked at weirdly and people still call me slutty and extreme. But that's me and I have come to terms that the people who don't like it don't like me either, because that's who  I am. I love being creative ( or at least trying) and I love high heels more than anything. But at times I really just want to wear my converse, knee socks, cap and cardigan. Sure I look like a some kind of cheerleader and people turn and stare but it's comfortable and I love it. People who will judge and are that superficial, are just not ready to present their own self yet, so they distract themselves with insulting others. Other people can possibly just tell that they don't like me because I'm to extravangent and at times loud and that's ok. You don't have to like evryone, but respect them. 

We live in the 21st century and I would have hoped that by now we are past judging on being gay, sluttly, altheltic or intellegint but humans are raised and born with jealousy and will never stop judging. What will change is your maturity, when you have accepted who you are they people who don't care will be the ones who matter. And those who care don't matter. You don't lose innocence through rebelling and sex, innocence is lack of knowledge and the knowledge most important is knowing yourself. When you know this, you have lost your innocence and that is good, because you ahev then figured out who you are.

Still loving fashion,