Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Real beauty

Make up less beauty. Due to recent exams which have been driving me absolutely up the wall I've really not had the time to put on make up, which I hate because now especially in the stress I look like a mix between Frankenstein and Lidnsay Lohan before rehab.... Anyway, even though I thought I looked absolutely awful a lot of poeple came up to me and asked if I had changed something, I looked so good. Thats around when I started thinking, are we maybe constantly trying to hard? Todays industry has us critizing absolutely everything. Hair, face, nose, legs and even things we forgot we had! Such as fingers, toes, knees, arm hair etc. Its when I began to wonder is beauty perfection? Or is impefection beauty? A guy said to me, " I love it when girls have great style and know how to dress, but when she can pull of sweats and a ponytailshe's got my heart". And no this is not the kind of guy who always answer stuff for magazines, who are without job and ugly. He's cute and actually a player(the sweet kind). So now I began to wonder if a guy can love me in sweatpants why do we constantly pressure ourselves, especially now in summer, to look like a supermodel even when just walking the dog?

I have to admit while I am jealous of those Victoria secret models and wish I looked like them, the models I admire, are the ones who admit to their flaws. Plus size models, models with impefect skin, big ears or noses. Because as Marilyn Monroe said: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." What can anyone ever say against that? SHe is still remebered as the sexiest woman ever and that without size 0. 

Personally I think photoshop should be banned because everyone has to stop pretending there are perfect people, because no one is perfect. And the ones who look like they are aren't on the inside because no one can look like that with a significant amount of pain and if you're willing to take on that pain you're insecure. Simple as that. Try it every once in a while. No makeup, no sexy outfit just you jeans and converse. Trust me I never thought I'd be the one to say this but sometimes looking normal can look stunning :)

Still loving fashion,

Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013


How to center an outfit around an it-piece is what we learn from small age, or when we start reading vogue, instyle, closer, perezhilton etc. it's really one of the easiet things to do. Match your colors, create a calm surrounding with little sparks and make sure the it-piece stands out. While lately I have just been creating crazy looks where you didn't know where to look first I decided to clam things down a bit again. With the beginning of summer sales I just had to reward myself for all the hard work I have ot do at the moment and managed to snag a few really nice it-pieces.

Never follow all the trends, my mom told me and she's right. When only following trends we don't use our own personailty in our outfits anymore, and that's what  makes them special. I decided to use the trend of high waist dresses for this one. While I have to admit it'a not the most figure flattering dress, it's very comfortable and easy to combine, both cardigan and blazer will work. 

However, as you can hopefully tell, the it-piece in this outfit is the bag. I love this bag, I got it from a friend who bought it in Italy and then realized she didn't even like it. I'm usually not a person to carry bags, I just stuff my pockets, but I love this bag so much I've been carrying it around almost empty. I feel that an it-piece should always be of good quality, because you can always change your outfits around the it-piece and since it will awlways be the center it should really be able to last. I'm not a big fan of 'classic it-pieces' because I feel everyone should decide for themselves what they love, but always remeber it will stick with you for long so make sure it's worth it when you buy it.

still loving fashion,

Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

SO what I'm still a fashionista

I love Pink, always have. She's in my opinion one of the few artist who are actually honest and don't just keep diary on their drug, alcohol and sex stories. And while I truly admire her I have to admit she has never really been my fashion idol. But the other day I felt that my hair was becoming a bit boring, I either had it open or in a high ponytail (I hate normal pony tails) but I was too lazy to do something special. I put on a  hairband (the hard ones) every once in while but htey tend to hurt behind my ear and give me a headache. So I decided to try out the latest Cochella festival thing of bandanas. When in search I found my favorite bandana I had a s kid with skulls and camouflage, yeah I was a bit of a tomboy. Anyway that with a olive blazer and jeggins actually looked pretty good. I think I'm finding my tomboy back, but this time in a good way.

Honestly why did military stuff ever come out of fashion? It's so cool! And nothing is more feminin than a military blouse in combination with soft make up and girly shorts or jewlerry. Anyway I really encourage you to try it! Pink showed us how we can a hard shell and be soft inside and nothing makes you feel stronger than a cool outfit. So raise your glass and become strong ;)

Still loving fashion,

Freitag, 10. Mai 2013


Hats! Not only can we wear them in winter but also in summer now, due to our wonderful designer friends creating the 'summer hats'. I have been wanting a really arge one forever but until now only had the small versions. So the other day when I was sample sale shopping, I hadn't been in over a month, I think some serious physiological damage has been done, it must have payed of to stay home so long because I found it. You know when people find their perfect wedding dress? Or 'their' shoes? Well, I can proudly say I have finally found my hat! totally excited I paired it up with my new awesome Maxi-cut-out-dress and my signature doc Martens and strutted through the city. People did as usually give me weird looks but I was delighted. You know the feeling when you're so delighted about a new piece in your wardrobe that you glance into every reflecting thing you pass? People must have thought I'm vain like crazy but really I was just aprreiciating my hat. 

Unfortunatley I feel that the message of how cool hats are hasn't quite come across yet. I mean my mom seriously asked me if I was going fishing when she saw me (somewhere deep inside I'm sure she loves me, she just doesn't like to show it ;) ) The comment just showed how she had never been fishing because honestly, those hats fly away in the smallest breeze so going fishing with them would be the most stupid idea possible. And while people tend to laugh when you hold onto your hat when it's about to drift away in the breeze, I love the feeling of it. It reminds me of those old paintings in which you see beautiful women in elegant dresses taking a sunday stroll along the river somewhere, holding onto their hats in the breeze. Artist back then already knew that at one point we would all be crazy for hats.

Still loving fashion,