Samstag, 10. August 2013

My new thing

There are two types of new year, the calendar new year in January and the so-called fashion new year. The fashion new year starts in autumn, the time we start a new school year or new year studying and i's when all the shops get the new years collection Fall/Winter 2014 in this years case and then there will be Spring/Summer 2014. So for every new season, along come new trends and we shop but really in autumn is the time I personally choose a completely new style  which tends to carry on until at least well into spring. This year I decided to go for college look and was delighted to see I'm even in trend with this idea. It started when I found one of my Dad's Jackets. I'm starting to think I've got some kind of father-attachment syndrom or whatever, because I have seriously gotten into wearing his clothes, let's hope I'm not turning tomboy like in my 12 year old me phase (bad memories, I avoid those pictures). Anyway my Dad's clothes are so cool, chilled oversize and somehow vintage looking, which creates a sexy aura of effortlessness, (although in all honesty I spent forever checking which hotpants match color with his sweaters;)). His jeans shirts, sweaters and this jacket. It's a college jacket and huge and matched with hotpants sneakers and a tank top looks totally cool. I was even asked where I bought it and I joked in the vintage section of My dad's closet, they didn't quite get the joke... 

Anyway the new college trend with plaited skirts, sweaters, army green and boots is compeltely my thing as it's comfortable, simple, can be very edgy and one of the few things I haven't tried yet. So I was off today and bought a bright yellow high waist skirt to match with a college jacket and sneakers. I love the hwole, Bad school girl image (talking boots and skirts here, no wrong ideas please) and love how you can team all your clothes to form your own unique style. Basically a trend everyone can do. Skinny or full-figured, tall or short, no breasts large sized, anyone really. From punk to goody-goody two shoes, leather to cashmere, flats to heels and oversize to tight. 

The trend can lead you to remembering your good old school days, make school a bit brighter or give you the chance to show the world today the person you afraid to be in school. This is a new fashion year full of new fashion trends, ideas and chances.

Still loving fashion,

Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Cote de wonderful

Cannes is one of those cities you instantly fall in love as a fashion addict, so it was really a crime that I had never been until now. Back from wonderful France now I'm wearing all my new clothes and can't help but brag everytime someone compliments on how cheap it was. That's another thing, while strolling down the Croisette you can purchase the most expensive designer clothes you can also head into the heart of the city and make bargains the price of a baguette. In France of course you willl see al the tourists run aroudn in the cheap items but once home, people will compliment on your extravagent outfits and you can breezily say,  "Oh it's from France." I really couldn't believe it when I bought my new sandals for $9 and had to check twice the currency was correct and that the full stop was in the right place, but no the price was right. Very right indeed. Although at times I had to admit I had to pinch my nose because things did smell pretty cheap in the masses they had, once out on the street the shoes and dresses looked gorgeous. So I was taught yet again, while some things may look worse on second glance, things from Cannes rarely do.

new hippie shorts
=> feeling the festival spirit
Another thing I'm so grateful for is the french love for underwear. I have never seen such fine underwear to such low prices. Color, lace and silk all for minimal prices. The variety delighted me and I spent forever digging myself through all of the different designeres, from Agent Provocateur to Princess Tam Tam. 

While London and New York are beautiful, the only thing they can't offer is a coffee and Macaroon at the ocean after a strenous day of power shopping. I have yet again discovered that the price does not reflect beauty and while it does affect the quality here you just shop new every season and you don't even have to feel bad because it's so cheap. So if you decide to become a one season only person visit Cannes and you will never have to or in some cases be able to wear the same things twice. You can make anything work and the long walks at the beach with your new french lover will even burn off all the wonderful cake, ones got to try :)

Still loving fashion,