Montag, 20. Januar 2014


"Sharing is caring" we preach to children from small ages onwards. If we don't want to share our cookies, shovels or toys our parents, grandparents, or really just any parent in the room is bound to refer to that old saying. When it comes to shovels I completely agree; in regard to cookies I even love sharing, especially if I made them myself, as it shows that I baked well; however when it comes to shopping at sales, I turn into a hunched-over, gollumesque, mad-eyed creature; snatching everything in my size and in sizes +/- 1 just in case, with only one thought on my mind, "MINE!"

I'd share chocolate.. but not shoes
I like to share, really, I do. And generally I think I'm a fairly generous person. But honestly if your anything but selfish at sales your Jesus or something. I mean, clothes, jewelry, shoes and accesories for less? and your giving it away? I always have to convince myself to still give presents away I bought in sale. My mother is very similar and has even been driving me crazy, by presenting new items (really anything from pillows to jackets and books) which she bought on sale. She is the kind of person who will soon be running from bankers because her credit card is probably already ashes. But, I guess sales bring out the worst in us. In me it's my little gollum being (which may also come out if I've had too little sleep or no food..) For my mom, it's forgetting we have enough stuff, for my friends its buying too much... 

Oh well, it's not always sale in my city.... But what were planes made for? ;)

Still loving fashion,

Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

true friends, true you

I love those friends which whom you can laugh about stupid things sober. Those who will be there with you, in bed, on a saturday night, eating ice-cream, drinking tea and gossip and trash god knows what. Those who will laugh about your embaressing moments, with you and not at you. Those who will be there in moments where you need someone to be sad with you, and not be a stupid optimist looking at the brght side of your boyfriend cheating on you. With those friends, it is so much easier to figure out who you are and what you want. You start to feel more comfortable in your own skin; because you know there are people who love you just the way you are. And you begin sharing things easily, which you might never have told otherwise. I, for example, have always felt akward about my insomnia, as I always thought people would look at me strangely; and only tonight did I notice how easy it was for me to mention it, listing it like any other thing, because I felt comfortable and happy. True friends are those whose annoying mannerisms you know, fight with and still cuddle in the knowledge that you couldnt live without them. Or at least not as happily as you are now.

I know many people who habitually deny they have "best friends" takling about a stupid classification system of ranking your friends; but in reality they're just afrais to give someone the ability to hurt them, to let them know they're important. But if you can't do that, if you're so incapable of trusting, how can you trust yourself?

I guess new years has got me feeling sentimental, but why do we waste so much time being angry and criticizing, when there is so much fun we could have? To all those who have made their new years resolutions, don't forget to add spending time with your friends and time in which you appreciate what you have, focussing on the good instead of the bad and letting friends in when you're feeling low, because there's always that one friends who knows what to do. And if you let them in, you will let yourself be, be the best you can be, dream big and live great.

Still loving fashion,