Samstag, 26. Januar 2013


Cocktails can serve like a Miu Miu clutch, they make the perfect accessories. But like with a clutch, to be cool you have to pick the right one. From 1998 when Carrie brought the Cosmopolitan to us drinks have evolved with new flavors, glasses and names. The drink everryone drinks at the moment is Wodka Lemon. The models love it for it has little calories, you can get it almost anywhere and according to taste you can vary: Vodka orange, Vodka tonic, Vodka cola etc. I personally love this drink although I know it's not everyones favorite. While a variety of cocktails work just fine there are a few drinks a woman should NEVER drink.

Whiskey, it's a complete mens drink and nothing looks less atractive than a woman with a whiskey in her hand. No guy will be turned on by that and it will make you come over hard and masculine. If this is your aboslute favorite drink then your, of course in a bit of a mess, but let me assure like for all rules there are exceptions.When a guy offers you or encourages you to have one, it would be perfectly fine to accept and in this case it might even look really sexy. However, never order one by yourself. Should you feel like it go out with the girls, but as a flirt it's one of the worst choices.

Beer, well the name says it all. While boyfriend style is fashionable again, it is not fashionable to behave like your boyfriend. Drinking beer is about as unladylike as it will get, so don't. Now before all you festival-lovers start sending me hate mail, it is totally fine to have a beer to cool off at a festival or concert, as in this case a beer can be your hippie accessorie. What I mean is to never have a beer in a bar, to a meal or worst as an appetizer.

Lastly champagne, the poshest drink exsisting and glamorous as anything, which is why your probably wondering what it's doing on my "never drink list". Well, nothing is wrong with a glass, or even a few at a cocktail party or celebration. However, if your jugging down liters of it at the bar or on a date, a guy is going to be massivley turned of, simply because he won't want to pay it. In no time you will have the reputation for being an expensive date and possibly even a "rich b*tch". 

Now as you have seen nothing can compliment better or worse than a drink. WIth your drink you symbolize who your are: funny, smart, flirtatious or talkative. So choose wise ladies

Still loving fashion,

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Style contrasts

Style contrasts are for me the ultimate fashion statements. They require taste and confidence because not eevryone can pull them off. The outfits are often bold and enable you to wear one of a kind outfits without needing a designer, to make them for you. They also make you stand out, which I personally love. I think there is nothing more boring than dressing like everyone else, so everyday I think of what no one in my city would ever wear and pull on exactly that :P Coming from a town where it seems rebelious and extravagent to wear light denim pants rather than normal, that isn't quite a challenge (ok I'm overexaggerating a bit, but you get the picture). I laugh when I see people stare and talk, nothing is more entertaining than watching people react to what your wearing. Anyway, my personal 3 favorite style contrasts are: Ruffles+ leather, boots+dresses and black+bright colors preferably neon.


<3 forever and ever. I love femineity and hate when it I feel like a tomboy. However in contradiction I also hate nothing more, than looking like a Barbie or wearing stupid flower prints from head to toe, feeling like I'm advertising Hollister or something. By combining ruffles, which are the sweetest, girly things with leather jacket or boots, I not only make outfits suitable(well almost) for work/school or whatever. They create an edge to everything and give you that rebellious touch, without having to go trash a car first. My top favorite is a ruffled skirt in creme, Doc Martens, simple shirt and leather jacket, in combinationg with smokey eyes or a statment necklace. Yes, as always these styles can look over the top, but with the right personality and attitude you can pull anything of ;)


This is quite similar to the ruffles+leather thing. You shock people by wearing a sweet dress and then while their eyes travel down during the 'Manhatten check' they stop and stare at your boots. Thinking what on earth does she think she's wearing? Well, let me tell you she is wearing the personification of style. Nothing makes a dress seem more casual than ruining the sweet effect with boots. Your proving that you have no fear of being imperfect and don't look so dreadfully boring with those monotonous ballerinas and dress. My absolute favorite is hippe, wildleather boots with a flowery summer dress and XXL sunglasses. Hippie has surprisingly come back and I love it.

Black+bright colors

People have been slightly concerned about me, as if I have been hanging onto this style greatly, asking me if I was 'emo'. On the contrary I just love how I don't have to put effort into matching colors anymore. I simply pull on all black and then a hot pink shirt and it looks cool, it's still bold and it looks like I have spent more than 5minutes dressing this morning. Depending on your jop or school it's sometimes not the most suitable to wear, but when you can I promise you will stand out the most (in a good way!)

Well, now that I have shared my favorite styles I'm asking which ones are yours? Write me!

Still loving fashion,


Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013


SALE: My favorite sign in the whole, wide world. Although I love it even more in combination with shoes. That magical sign that can cause girls to scream. That feeling when you enter the store with only one thought, "Please let that shirt still be there in my size!" That feeling of pure glory and achievement when you leave with a full shopping bag, but without having spent too much. (Hey, $250 for Jimmy Choos?!) That sign that lights up everything in a red shine, like the devil, knowing you will splurge in a second, because you can simply not believe that the shoes are 70% off. That sign that gives every woman the perfect excuse, "But it was on sale!" 
There are two types of sales, Winter sale and Summer sale. While winter sale is wonderful, it is also slightly depressing because you see all the things you bought for expensive so bloody cheap. You are also usually broke from buying all those items expensive (yes, thank you salespeople, it would have killed you to lie and say that these shoes were already on sale.)
Hoever summer sale, now thats a completely different thing, you have a nice vacation planned, you have worked all spring to get that bikini body in shape, you have saved all your money, to spend it on SALE! All those tunics and tanks tops, hot pants and bikinis, heaven I swear. Sitting in a cafe, outside again finally, sipping lemonade and staring at those colorful glowing shopping marks, embellished brightly with the brand names, happily putting on those new sunglasses, tilting your head back, letting your hair cascade down your back and think, "This is life." Life I bet, would die out without sale. We need that feeling of accomplishment every once and a while. That thing that boosts your mood and gives you those happy hormones..... So keep your check cards tight ladies, the next sale is just around the corner, it will be worth it.

Still loving fashion,

Montag, 21. Januar 2013


Classics, the pieces every women needs in her wardrobe. The type of classics you need varies on the type of women. For Party girls a pair of comfortable designer heels, leather jacket because they make everything cooler and a LBD is mandatory. For the office women it's a flattering trouser suit, a well fitted black or navy blazer and elegant heels which they can wear to meetings, preferably blackpatent leather, 8cm high. Every student needs a well-fitted skinny jeans,  soft scarf in your favorite color and a pair of boots that fit to everything, my personal favorite: black Doc Martens, ultra cool and the best for style contrasts. 
Now, for the timeless, classic and chic look, invented by the french of course, you need tight fitted jeans, a trench coat, red lipstick(the same color as the shoes of course) and Red plateau Louboutins. Every women, I feel, needs a pair of Louboutins. If it takes years to cut back on shirts and accessories, it's worth it. A pair of Louboutins isn't a pair of shoes, No! It's a a way of self- belief. We need to reassure ourselves of our feminism and our looks. A pair of louboutins will make heads turn when you softly gloat over the ground to make an entrance. They make you feel like CInderella, without needing that Prince we all know doesn't exist in real life. Those heels will ensure they all stare at you, stare at those red soles when you walk away. When you slip your feet into those shoes, you feel different you carry yourself high. Ladies, there's a reason Posh can't live without them ;)

However when wearing Louboutins there are a few rules which are compulsory: 

  1. NEVER walk on rough stone! They will damage that red sole faster than you can say "credit card"
  2. NEVER slouch when wearing Louboutins, that would be a personal insultment to the shoes
  3. NEVER wear slutty outfits when wearing those heels, they are worth much more than being presented as a whore (keep in mind the line between sexy and slutty is very slim)
  4. and whatever you do NEVER EVER say "I look crap today" when wearing Louboutins. Louboutins turn us all into models, if we just believe

Still loving fashion, 

Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Reliving the old

2013 has arrived and the world hasn't ended yet.... Is that the reason why we are reliving the old? Our signature topmodels are coming to their end, however we seem to be incapable of replacing them by someone new. Instead of Kate Moss we now have Georgia May Jagger, instead of Sarah Jessica Parker there is Blake Lively and Heidi Klum is being run over the Victoria Secret runaway by Toni Garrn. I mean really isn't it time to create something new? What are we waiting for? Why are we clinging to the past? 
Maybe people just have to accept that there will only ever be one SJP and one Kate Moss. Sure there will be new models, trends and icons but we can't keep repeating the old. We need to spicen things up a little. So now it's your turn! Don't just wear those neon colors which have suprisingly come back. Own them! Mix prints that match, DON'T just throw together stripes and dots. We don't need to dress badly to create something new, we need to be ourselves because someone once so wisely said "Be yourself, everyone else already exsists."
So be your own style icon!  Life is too short to be thinking of the past. We are not dressing 50's when we are wearing polka-dots, red lipstick and tight pants, we are dressing 2013. We are living today, in the moment and as trends evolve, fashion stays the same. So mix, color and be free because everything you create now may be remebered in 2040.

still loving fashion,