Samstag, 30. März 2013

sex on fire

During my last post I mentioned tow jackets one was the lace blazer and the other... a red, leather jacket!!! If you are now not thinking something along the lines of "OMG" there is definetly something wrong with your fashion sense. I have to admit I had never really been a fan of red but the things I have to bergrundgingly admit look absolutely alluting are red leaather, lipstick and pants. (Not in combination of course!) So when unpacking this jacket I was totally excited. Not only does it attract so much attention but it was also very well fitted and had such soft leather it could've been butter 

Of course there is that list of basics every women needs but today I have to ask myself is there still such a list? I mean really, now that I have one I feel evryone needs a red leather jacket (although I also say the same about Louboutins, lace and high heels) and I know there are many women out there who wouldn't be caught dead in any of those. So are there still basics you need? Aren't there today so many people who don't even posses a simple tank top anymore because they find it too boring? Being the inquisitive person that I am (:D) I googled fashion basics and this is the list I got:

Black tank.
Short-sleeved white T-shirt.
Short-sleeved black T-shirt.
Long-sleeved white T-shirt.
Long-sleeved black T-shirt.
Black turtleneck.
White button-down shirt (one cotton, one silky).
Crisp white blouse.
Crewneck sweater.
A black dress.
Pencil skirt.
Black pants.
Skinny jeans.
Khaki pants.
Denim jacket.
Cropped jacket.
Black cashmere wrap.
Ballet flats (in a neutral or a versatile red).
Basic black pumps.
Metallic evening shoes.

H0netsly? I don't have a black turtle neck tshirt because I think no  one under 80 should wear one. I HATE turtlenecks they look so stupid and are unflattering! V-nec hsirts and turtleneck tank tops but never turtleneck tshirts, I mean seriously the name says it all do you wnat a turtleneck?! Now I don't have a denim jacket, pencil skirt, cashmere wrap or khaki pants because t simply not my style. I don't believe in boring stuff you can pull on evry day and everywhere. I believe that however sh*t you feel and whatever bad hair, face or figur day you have you do not need to dress broing and become invisble! Life is much to beautiful to be invisble. So instead of a "cashmere wrap with a pencil skirt and pumps" I will pull on a leatehr jacket, leggins and oversize sunglasses.

Tell me do you agree with the list above? Do you have any essentials? Or do you buy what you feel is awesome, ignoring lists and rules like me because fashion is art, and art has no limits!

Still loving fashion,

Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

Birthday gift!

So yesterday was my birthday and while I insited on my family not buying me any presents my mom yet again suprised me with two jackets. One of them was this black lace tenchcoats/blazer mix. I to be excat "completely freaked" when I saw it since it's definetyl one of the coolest jackets I have ever seen! The mix of trenchcoat and blazer makes it look elegant with a dress or skirt and rock style with jeans or boots. It fits like a second skin and has the exact right amount of sexiness.

I have always been a fan of lace but I do agree that there are certain rules to wearing it. First off, lace and crop tops or bras singly, belong in the bedroom! While flashing a bit of one from underneath a shirt is fine, I think worlds sluttiest invention are see-through lace crop tops. Who wears them anyway? Second don't wear completely see-through lace to work or school. While having a cut out piece of lace, or a back of lace is fine, leaving everything bear could get you unwanted and negative attention. Oh, and don't wear lace with lace and lace. While a lace dress is nice, don't pair it with lace tights or hairband or gloves. Neither should you wear a lace top, with lace pants and jacket. As for all fashion statements too much is rarely good.

Now my top five lace items are:

  1. Lingerie, I think nothing is more sensual and mysterious then lace. It doesn't leave everything bare so that you feel naked but definetly shows a lot of skin. It also serves wonders to hide little soft areas from showing. So if you don't already posses a nightgown, body suit or undewear of lace run off to Victoria secret or La perla and shop! It's something your man will appreciate and it makes you feel sexier and more  confident!
  2. Lace gloves. While I often do get odd looks when I wear them I just can't resist. They remind of fairytales where princesses would wear long gloves to their ball gowns. Wether fingerless or full these are a must have for every princess inside of us.
  3. Lace dresses naturally are the most fabulous things ever. While not every dress can be a Marchesa gown the lace serves to make the dress a ladylike sexy and also often optically slims. What I love about the dresses is that you can pair them with boots or glamour and it always looks dazziling.
  4. Lace shorts. My lace shorts from Partritzia Pepe are my absolute favorite Spring/sumemr must have. They look so sweet and innocent and require no other accessories as they themselves are breathaking enough. While I often envy the childrens section in Masion  et Scotch for having such adorable lace shorts I can luckily prevent myself from stocking up in case I ever have a child, but if you do beware! Once you enter that section your child will have more lace than it wants ;)
  5. Naturally the reason I even wrote this post. My new beloved lace jacket. It's instant love and I have now worn it for 2 days stright :)

Now spill what are your favorites?

Still loving fashion,

Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Those pants

Remember the book “The sisterhood of travelling pants”? While I’m not sure I could’ve worn a pair of pants which haven’t been washed in so long I do understand the idea of possesing a pair of pants which are special. We all have those right? The pair of pants we wear until they stink becase we don’t want to wash them. We love them becasue they make our ass look good, our legs slimmer or simply because of all the memories we feel when we slip into them. Those pants you wore when you got your first kiss, your first job interview, first day at college. Pants you have doodles all over on because you were bored during a lecture. Pants that have patches all over them because you ripped them everytime you fell off your bike. Pants that have a stain on the top left where you spilt the wine on your first date with your future husband. A pair of pants isn’t the same as a sweatshirt or t-shirt. They make you look diffrent! The pants are like a ball gown for day time. You feel better in them, comfortable.

While today my favorite pants aren’t technically pants, more like jeggins I chose these to present them as my favorite. I love them because they’re comfortable and stand out. I wear them when I’m going to a friends house and am not sure if we might go clubbing after so at least I’m wearing something funky just in case. I wear them when I’m going to meet new people because they always start a conversation, “Did you write all that?”. I wear them because they’re my color source when I’ve been wearing all black for 3 days straight and people are beggining to worry that I’m serverly depressed. They are a christmas gift my mom bought me. I wore them on a first date with a guy I really liked.... 

These pants aren’t just pant they are so much more to me. They’re the kind of pants you bring to the tailor 5 times until he tells you he can’t mend them again, the kind you actually consider to buy 3 times in case on pair gets ripped, but in your heart you know only the first ones will ever have that special magic. Take pictures of those pants before you throw them away, or even cut off a piece and put it somewhere safe. Trust me nothing will provide more memories than your history of favortie pants.

still loving fashion, 

Cuz i am passionate

Once again saw something I loved and made the person stop to get a snapshot of these super awesome shoes. Look like Giuseppe zanotti right?! Nope, they're Zara, which once again proves that those People refusing to wear anything but Gucci, Prada and Co. are plain STUPID.

Yes, I get the arguement about the quality and how cheap Brands are often produced by children in poor countries, which I obviously dont approve of, but mega Brands as Zara and H&M have begun to use fair trade (a cheer for that!) So whats they're excuse then? Really they believe that the more expensive an item is the prettier it is. These shoes prove them wrong! 

Brands which are a bit cheaper are ideal to buy a trend you're not sure is going to Last, or on a item you know your Not going to wear a Lot of Times. Also, since they're cheaper  you dont have to quit shopping for a year after splurging on something ;) Anyway these shoes imperson that although I have to admit I would also have fallen in Love with them if they were Giuseppe zanotti simply becasuse then they would last longer and be better for my Feet :D so sometimes I guess we just have to choose: quality or Price? As Long as its not produced by children or under any horrid conditions

Still loving fashion,

Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Awww cute

Generally speaking "awww cute" is the normal reaction when we see a baby animal of any type.   I personally think it's very mean that we often forget to acknowledge that these animals are still cute when they are grown up. Instead people kill them and either eat them or wear them, which I as a vergetarian just despise. I however have to admit that animals are so cute that we just have to wear them, but Not by killing there are much friendlier ways :)

A Great Trend is of course Print. Leopard doesnt have to Look if you combiniert it Novell with clean Platin pants and Little make up. Feather Hair Bands are one of my favorite eye catchers and they also serve wonderfully to distract from Hair you didnt have time to wash because you were busy watching americas next topmodel (admit it happens way too often, you always SAY you'll wash it before but then your Shopping and working and cooking and doing a Million other Things which get you so tired you can't be bothered to Drag your behind up early to wash it before work and well...) Anyways, feather hair accessories should however always be kept in reasonable size.   You shouldn't look like an eagle about to take off but as if a little singing bird had lost a couple of feathers which you collected on your vacation in Bora Bora( no one knows its not true and the accessory is a great conversation starter)

Now my absolute favorite is however the animal hat and no im NOT talking about some russian Fox which i dumped in my Head but about the hats you can now buy everywhere with the cute toddels. My favorite is the Panda although it does at Times make me Look like some kinda wanna be Rapper :P it does however definetly get the attention it deserves and creates Two bold Statements at once
1. you are not killing any innocent, Little animals and cruelly turning them into clothing
2. you have the cooolest Trend right there on your Head ;)

So the next Time you have a Bad Hair day put on a Animal accessory and rock that style ;)

Still loving fashion,

Samstag, 16. März 2013

When do we cross the line?

I have lately become infatuated with the classy "covering more is sexy" look, but I still love my killer heels, studs and leather. It was while I was trashing one of those teen stars for looking like a complete wh*re for wearing leather ands studs in cobination, a guy pointed out I what I was wearing: leather shorts and oversize blazer with studs. I was, for a change, baffled, speechless and horrified, was I a wh*re?

After the initial shock I tried to justify myself saying I wasn't wearing leather from top to bottom and my shirt wasn't showing much and how there were only a few studs on my blazer when I realized no one was really listening anymore. That's when I figured where the difference lies: today we have become much too accustomed with the terms b*tch, h*e, sl*t and wh*re. Today everyone is a wh*re for wearing a mini and this where we all go wrong. The dicionary definition of a wh*re is: 

whore |hôr|
noun derogatorya prostitute.• a promiscuous woman.

Wearing studs doesn't mean you sleep around. That's where I figured where we all went wrong. We can wear whatever we want as long as it is somewhat appropriate, meaning you can't wear hotpants to church, or hot pink to a funeral, but if you like tose super high heels who are those stupid people to say you are promiscious? You can wear whatever you want as long as you do it with class. With that I mean is that you shouldn't lose your self respect when wearing appealing outfits, Men should be gentlemen and saying they grabbed your behind because of  what you were wearing is just a pathetic excuse and a clear show of that mans bad character. No man is allowed to treat us like hookers, wether we are waring long skirts and buttoned up blouses or shiny mini-dresses. 
In conclusion I would refrain from wearing too arrousing outfits to work, but hey! thats what contrasts are there for. Should you wear a tight short-ish skirt, just pair it with a pair of flats or a clean, chic blouse. Don't wear super high heels with a stomache free shirt and shorts but pair them with boyfriend jeans instead, or a maxi-skirt. We are what we behave like. Behave like a lady and you are one because you know all those women trashing your shoes are just jealous because they would be too afraid to pull them off ;)

Still loving fashion,<3

My new Steve Maddens ;) Going to own them no matter what they say :)

Freitag, 15. März 2013

US bringing UK back

Remember those sunday mornings where rather than lounging in bed and drinking another coffee you had to drag your lazy backside outside, to walk that dog you desperately needed? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my dog. My pug is my perfect cuddle mix and while we are very alike (we both love sunbathing, hate getting up early and hate wetness) she does have to pee at one point. Not only is the fact  that my neighbours tend to see me in shorts, tank top and a fat jacket, my hair a mess and make-up not to speak off rather annoying, no I also have ruined a certain amount of shoes like that. The rain, wet and cold are just not made for leather or converse and while I do have a pair of Marc Jacobs wellies they aren't exactly gorgeous and I just hate wearing those high, dull boots. So who would've thought that I'd be the one to follow the crazy new Perry/Gaga trend? Rubber and latex are the new fashion sexy, believe it or not.

It was when I was shopping in a couple of unknown shops where I first saw this super awesome new trend. They had them in sandal, boot and even high heel form! They weren't dull but shiny and added with delightful accessories. After of course having to purchase a pair, I noticed that even large fashion labels had now taken these wellies into their collections. Really I have to admit they are genius! They are comfy, don't get dirty because you can just hose them off AND they don't ruin so I can wear them outside in the mud. (Be careful though, because cheap versions or wearing them too much isn't good for your feet and make them sweaty. My tip always wear thick socks)

So now I'm at least wearing one thing fashionable when I'm outside with the dog (although that hardly rescues the face/hair problem :P) 

Still loving fashion,

My pugalicious pug ;)

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Good Old days

While I have been preaching on how lucky we are to be living today I want to draw your attention to the fact that in fashion we have moved back. At least in some aspects. The 19th Century has already fascinated me since I'm a kid. My favorite movie Sissi played in that Time and every time I was watching it I got all jealous and thought "I wish I was that pretty..." Sissi, the Princess of the austro-hungarian Empire, for me portrays class, beauty and feminism. That was really what fashion was about too.

When in the new MET Exhibition; "Impressunism, fashion and modernity" I was once again enchanted by the 19th century magic. So when studying these dresses, hats and corsets I noticed the things that made them so special and also what that says about women.

At that Time dresses were usually only using 2 colors, but instead using many different materials and layers. So much detail was added to each dress and so much love to create a beautifully blended creation surrounding the women, highlighting her beauty ever outshining her. Umbrellas were often used as an accessorie, which created a halo-like feature bringing out the godess in every woman. By covering more Skin the dresses were sexier than mini's today, due to there being more to take off, mystery was added. At that time the women was important, her charcter and poise, not her figure and chest. Intelligence was appreciated and large events weren't clubs but balls and operas. Really people back then established the beauty ideals we are still so desperatly trying to achieve today, such as a small waist and large breasts. Trends try to recapture this sexiness by making clothing short and tight and bold to stand out. What they don't see is that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than when a dress compliments her. When  patterns hide your unfit body parts rather than spandex and when you don't use too many accessories to overshine your beauty. They accepted themselves as they were, without beauty operations and radical diets. While of course cheap and mass brands can't produce extravagant pieces like back then we can still try to keep the idea going by not combining too many colors, using pattern to flatter rather than pounds of make-up and most of all to love the person we are. 

Still loving fashion,


 I love spikes and after asking my friends for a description of my style they declared me to be "Pretty punk". Which in my opinion is definetly a compliment. Now after 2 nights of almost no sleep I was not in the mood to pull of any bold colors so I settled for my all time favortie, punky all-black. It stands out, is comfy and looks awesome without looking as if you are trying to hard. I love the oversize sweater, as one of the best fashion inventions ever made (after high heels of course) is comfy glam. After the boyfriend jeans, pjama pant and now oversize sweaters and tank tops coming back, I'm purely delighted that women managed to look sexy and stylosh without having to squeeze into super tight outfits. Men do it all the time, looking hot in sweats, when we do it we look like married women in the middle of a divorce. So now dare to be faboulously sexy in oversize ;) 
Please however do remeber that it doesn't suit all body types, while some oversize things can look good in plus-size be careful not to look as if you've gained weight. Also oversize normally looks best with tight or short, like an oversize sweater over a mini-skirt, or a pair of PJ pants and a tight ripped tank top. Too much large can end up looking like wannabe swag.
so stay cool and don't try to hard, sexiness is natural for women so enjoy ;)

Still loving fashion,

less is more

Is less really more? Or is more more? While I'm a big fan of clean chic, combination of only 2 colors maximum and little accessories, I have to say there are certain things where more is just well.... more. Take this ring I bought it in this super awesome store and was instantly delighted. While some people gave me that look of "Wow, she's really trying" I feel as long as you only use one extravagant accessorie it's fine. It only begins to look trashy once you for example combine huge earrings with sparkly necklace and bracelets as well as a oversize glitter handbag, leopard high heels and oversize sunglasses. That is the adult entertainment look. Don't however be afraid of trying statement necklaces or accessories, they don't make you look as if you try to hard but they give you confidence. Yes, too much confidence is definetly bad too but so is less. In conclusion more concentrated is more, don't you think?

Still loving fashion,

Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Empire State of mind

Well, here it finally is. The post about the city of dreams, skyscrapers and fashion. New York. When I think New York I automatically think of sex and the city and of yellow cans rushing through the streets, of diners and delis, museums and art and Central Park and Versace and Louboutin. What really fascinates me about this city is that it's full of people with only one dream, to make it in New York In New York there are people smarter, prettier, more talented or richer than you. Every individual is different and to stand out is almost impossible. You could walk down the street naked and not many heads would turn. The energy and drive of the people is incredible. Life is hard and you life in mouse size apartments which cost a fortune and you barely have enough money to eat but you don't care because you still have the dream to make it in New York That is what I think makes ny so special since the first Europeans came here everyone always wanted to live in NY, everyone had the same dream and this has never changed. When you walk along blocks you hear hundreds of languages, smell aromas varying from hot dogs, burned halal and pollution, you feel energy and hectic along with fascination of tourist giddily holding their Starbucks in one hand map in the other munching nerds and staring up towards the blue blue sky . If you are a New Yorker you live for this city. You live for the hailing of cabs, laundry services open in the night, shopping until late and the cheesy fantasy of finding love
I hope you, the ones who have that amazing job, hot husband and penthouse wake up everyday thankful for what you have and live the life. Because always remember there are a million of us still waiting to make it in the Empire State of mind

Still loving fashion,

Freitag, 1. März 2013

The Solution to every problem

Scarves, they are not just there to keep you warm they are like our phones really. We don't just use them to "phone" we text, take pictures, play games, e-mail, socialize, navigate yadda yadda.
Now scarves they can keep us warm, make us look less boring if it's Monday morining and all we managed to pull on way black jeans and a blacks shirt, they cover stains, they make it look appropriate when really our blouse is see through and they can make us stand out like all fashion items. Once again I have to remind you all of how lucky we are to live in the future because back them scarves weren't made out of nice cotton, silk or cashmere, they were mad eout of wool. Scratchy, itchy, stupid wool. Nothing is worse to wear a ugly scraf which will them make your entire neck look like a rash. When I saw this scarf today I just feel in love with it. I could see it from 20m away and started screaming (inside) right away. The desihgn and nice color not only combine the outfit to make it seem like a perfectly combined frozen joghurt, light fluffy and yet it warms you inside and out through its materials and colors. So run, run little fashionistas if you don't yet have a funky scraf now is the time, becaus escarfs have never been so pretty.

Still loving fashion,