Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013


How to center an outfit around an it-piece is what we learn from small age, or when we start reading vogue, instyle, closer, perezhilton etc. it's really one of the easiet things to do. Match your colors, create a calm surrounding with little sparks and make sure the it-piece stands out. While lately I have just been creating crazy looks where you didn't know where to look first I decided to clam things down a bit again. With the beginning of summer sales I just had to reward myself for all the hard work I have ot do at the moment and managed to snag a few really nice it-pieces.

Never follow all the trends, my mom told me and she's right. When only following trends we don't use our own personailty in our outfits anymore, and that's what  makes them special. I decided to use the trend of high waist dresses for this one. While I have to admit it'a not the most figure flattering dress, it's very comfortable and easy to combine, both cardigan and blazer will work. 

However, as you can hopefully tell, the it-piece in this outfit is the bag. I love this bag, I got it from a friend who bought it in Italy and then realized she didn't even like it. I'm usually not a person to carry bags, I just stuff my pockets, but I love this bag so much I've been carrying it around almost empty. I feel that an it-piece should always be of good quality, because you can always change your outfits around the it-piece and since it will awlways be the center it should really be able to last. I'm not a big fan of 'classic it-pieces' because I feel everyone should decide for themselves what they love, but always remeber it will stick with you for long so make sure it's worth it when you buy it.

still loving fashion,


  1. Im in love with that bag! I used to hate yellow but now I really like it, wearing yellow stuff kind of makes me feel happier I dont know why :)

    Love from Canada,

  2. Love the outfit!! :)

    Christina xx


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