Montag, 18. November 2013


I recently came across a few das from the middle east and was seriously shocked. I couldn't believe how extreme they were! Body parts were censored, covered and photshopped. It was almost like entire parts of women were deleted. But on second hand I paused to think, isn't it a good idea to not focus on the outer aspects of a person? To actually care about their beliefs, dreams and characteristics?  Why is everything always about the outer circumstances and don't really the sexist das supress women more? Marginalizing them to their sex? I came to the conclusion that  both extremes of hiding and hsowing skin is suppression. We should be allowed to choose what to wear and not made to feel ashamed or embrassed. We should embrace what we have and by Dressing and changing our body we can come closer to our own personal ideals.

Through the ads I also realized how many ways their are of expressing yourself, your sexuality. Your eyes are seen as extremely powerful, your walk, which I always envy the african and brazilians for... They walk with so much energy and hip sway, so much spirit. Also through our voice, tone and gestures. There are so many little things and every time I come across a new way to express myself, I feel more color, tone and feeling is added to our world. The little ways other people give away parts of their personality, it's amazing once you see it. Take a look, you'll be suprised

Still loving fashion,

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