Sonntag, 10. November 2013


It should be prescribed for people to go to concerts once a month
No words needed...
Live today.. sounds corny but it's so true. You can make every day your best. Honestly I just again realized how you can change who you are every day and it's so wonderful. I mean think about it; you are one person on a planet and really no one is going to give if you go crazy. Get a new haircut, spend more money than you should on a gorgeous dress, get drunk and dance your feet sore, fall in love, eat ice-cream at midnight, change your look... There are so many possibilities to have fun, so what are we even afraid of? I just decided to change my eye color and have since been running around with colored contacts which are pretty danm awesome! Everyone is commenting them, even at night in the dark "Whoa you have gorgeous eyes!" And here's the ironic thing people keep coming up to me saying, "Wow I never realized your eyes are so blue." Sure those aren't my closest friends, but it just shows how no one really pays that close attention. Which means we have all the freedom to look like we want! I just feel that being the same person gets to be so boring and I don't want to end with a closet full of boring, concealing and "appropriate" clothes, selling my heels on ebay and prada, MiuMiu and Pepe to vintage stores because I'm afraid my kids will spill stuff on the clothes. 

Never going to dress the norm
While there are things which look unappropriate you should never dress antagonistic towards your gut feeling. You are the only person who can change the way you feel. You can't rely on others to make you feel beautiful, happy or different. Do it yourself! It's not that hard. It's all a matter of attitude and clothes. Live brighter even if the winters coming. Don't forget who you are, the real you would be missed

Still loving fashion,

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