Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013


Dresscodes. I mean who invented them? Instead of helping us, which some myth claims is what they're there for, they confuse us to a state of chaos. Take my news years eve invitation for example. Dresscode: jacket. Really? Jacket. And I mean that's basically for the men, but even for them. Do they mean tie jacket? Sports Jacket? Leisure jacket or even suit jacket? And then how are women suppossed to apply that to themselves?! Oh he's wearing a suit makes sense I'll just go to my closet section of suit and pull something out... NO! Men do you EVER think for a tiny moment in what kind of chaos you throw us when writing dresscodes. And I'm assuming it's men because any woman writing a dresscode "jacket" should have to suffer under one of Karl's rants. I mean is a long dress too formal? But what if it's really a mini-dress with a long seethrough skirt over..? Does that still count as long? And what kind of shoes? Elegant or party? Black or color? Sparkling or not? Pants even? 

Dress codes make life harder; because they make the already demanding process of picking out what to wear almost impossible, because you're trying to figure out what that person would like you to wear and then also combine it with what you really want to wear, which let's face it, is impossible in the world of fashion. 
Therefore I tend to ignore dresscodes which has, I admit, caused the one or other akward situation (although I wasn't the one embarassed, it was my date, friend or family). But really, isn't dresscode just something we slap on the invite to make it look formal? I mean doesn't it sound so sophisticated when you call out "and remeber the sports/elegant dresscode!"Because while you're thinking pastel twin set with mid-high heels, she's thinking Jeans and the latest nikes and costume jewlerry and the man is already groaning inwardly knowing they'll be late and all the good food will be gone.

So forget dresscodes, you'll never dress like someone expects you to and that's good! Only you know what you'll feel comfotable in, and if you're coming by car you can always keep a extra outfit (or two) in the trunk ;)

Still loving fashion

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