Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013

what to do when you don't know what to shop

Guys? Guess what? It's almost christmas! I know, Shocker there. I'm sure you've barely even noticed with the minimal decorations, imperceptible red and green lights and slight cookie scent. And weil I'm sure we are all very aware of the Hearing christmas, I'm 90% sure no one has really gotten around to getting presents yet, me included, as that is usually the hardest part. What to get, if you're broke, your receivers are seemingly unintrested in ANYTHING but a ferrari or gold rolex, or she/he never actually wears the things you thoughfully spent ages picking out (and taking ages to convince yourself not to keep it, that she will let you borrow it). I have a family made up like this and every year I try new things, homemade, funny, pretty... Nothing. I don't think I've actually ever seen either of my parents use any of their gifts, well except for my das wearing the shirt I got him as a PJ... if that counts. 

My friends however are great and always tell me what great gifts I get so I thought I'd share a few ideas:

  1. underwear, pretty underwear and in the right size, always go for smaller if you're not sure, they'll be flattered and you can never have too much underwear
  2. a subscription for their favorite newspaper or magazine, the french Vogue is ridiculously cheap in comparision to the US or British version and let's face it, we only look at the pictures anyway
  3. a cool phone,laptop or ipad case, we are always breaking ours anyway and a funny new case is the best to put a smile on our face
  4. matching hat and gloves, or matching ring and necklace, pick something funny like the moustache trend it's cute and bound to be worn
  5. a cute cup with something on it that reminds you of them, NOT a cheesy picture cup, those are going to be "accidentally" dropped
  6. wine, good liqour with christmas taste, no one (well almost no one) is going to say no to a good bailey's or gingerbread liquor
There we go I hope these suggestions helped. I'm going to fully target christmas shopping in Paris next week, since wine just seems so much better if you bought it in France: I know we are so godamm superficial.

Still loving fashion,

P.S. Obviously if your friends a fashionista too, clothes, shoes and bags are the best... I don't have to mention that?!

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