Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

make your mark

I know I have already once written about lips, but I can't help it; I need to show of my awesome new necklace and refer back to my statement about how fascinating lips are. I don't even know why, but it is a fascination which has lasted over centuries. Since 5000 years women have been using lipstick and especially artists have highlighted them in paintings and pictures. They symbol beauty and call for attention which is essentially what we aim for when we apply lipstick. But not only are lips on our faces, no they are depicted on shirts, bags, books and much more; like my necklace for example. 

Queen Elizabeth 1
I personally think that anything can be made a symbol. One person just decides that they think one feature is worth of adulation and people, like sheep, tend to follow suit. In regard to red lips, it was none other than Queen ELizabeth 1 who brought the red lips into fashion. Creating trends, be it worldwide or only in your group of friends, demonstrates power and influence. Only if you are fearless you can change things. This is what people in my opinion tend to forget, fashion is not a superficial series of trends; it's a movement. People joining with common intrests, just like we do in politics or music or other art forms. Yet somehow fashion always tends to be the least acclaimed. People like me and you change that, by writing and reading about fashion and this is what I think is amazing. SHaring ideas and somehow, somewhere influencing each other. Making a change, making a mark.

Make your mark, with red lips or other. You can do it
Still loving fashion,

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