Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Happy ever after

I still belong to the generation where fairtytales were read with a happy endings. Nowadays however children are clarified right away, that there are no princes on white horses, no magical solutions and no happy-ever-afters. But what is so wrong with wanting a happy, love story? One that doesn't end in tears and heartache. One that doesn't leave you cold inside. Have we become so cynical we don't even give happy-ever after a chance? I wish I could write that I'm proof happy-ever-after exsists, but until now I unfortunately can't report anyhting of that kind. What I can say though, is that I've learned to make my own fairytales. Get up on my own horse. For my last holiday I went skiing and ended up in an old traditional hotel. At first I wasn't delighted, I like modern, I like glass and fancy bathrooms. One day I somehow stumbled into this room filled with book shelves. the room itself looked like something that belonged in Narnia or such; carved, coushioned stools, drawings on the walls, thick heavy, golden curtains and floor to ceiling bookshelves. When I studied these books closer, I was honestly dubstruck. Hundreds of the worlds finest authors were lined up in an array of fate and language, ready to take anyone into a different world. The more I looked the more I was pulled into a magical world. Upon opening cuboards I found original copies of diaries, books and poetry collections from as early as 1800. I sat on the floor in this library and immensed myself in my own fairytale. 

That room became my secret, my fairytale. I would come in my expensive designer shoes and favorite dresses and let these amazing people enrich my world with their experiences. Maybe I haven't had my fairytale yet, but I strongly believe it will happen. Don't lose faith, keep your dresses on and your head high and posture worthy of Blanik and Jimmy Choo. You never know, maybe your prince and your happy-ever after is just around the corner. Until then we can continue playing dress up, like we did when we were kids, and create and alter our dream fairytales. Imagine those streets you're walking are yellow tiles from the Wizard of Oz, pretend you are going somewhere special everywhere, because if you truly believe it will come true and what better way is there than to start by dressing the part? You don't need to lose a shoe to become Cinderella, sometimes finding one can be just as comforting (especially when the prince isn't there)

Still loving fashion,

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