Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

I'm yelling Tinder

So.. I know we're all thinking about it...Never mind, scratch that: I hate generalisations. Most of us will have heard about Tinder and to be honest at first I was a little apprehensive. I mean posting pictures of myself, for the sole purpose of being judged and rated? What was I? A sex-doll in a shop, thought to be bought by a bunch of guys? But as always, boredom came upon me again one evening and so I downloaded the controversial app... I was suprised. In a good way! Never have I had so many fun, flirty and interesting conversations. It was wonderful to feel in charge of my own love life for a change and not having to go through the process of akward dates, drunk meetings (which you end up forgetting in the morning) or wannabe posers. Once you have a match you know you both find each other hot. Selection. And even though that word sounds daunting at first; don't we all do it, all day? When we're in a club, we judge the guys and pick the hot ones to pull our dance moves off for. When we walk down a street, we check and rate people. Yes it's not only about looks and if you're looking for a soulmate you're wrong here. But similarly if you're looking for comfortable shoes don't enter Louboutin. I mean we want fun, interesting, different and variety. We pick guys the same way we pick lunch, carreers and shoes. Based on multiple factors. Shoes: price, designer, looks. Career: pay, future, interest, location. Lunch: healthiness, price, tast. And well boys; character, looks, background. It's a fact and I mean hello 21st century? Why are we still afraid to admit that we select? 

We are aesthetics, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. And beauty and hotness are percieved differently by different people. But if you're both coincide that you're hot, well go for it! That's life and finally someone was honest enough to develope an app for it. Remeber, dating is like shopping: suppossed to be fun, sometimes conflicting and at times expensive(outfits,makeup  ;)) and dissapointing, but finding a great guy or a pair of reasonable, ravishinf heels is worth the trouble

Still loving fashion,

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