Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

Blue unity

Blue. Blue is the color of the sky, ocean, the most popular eye color. Pale blue so sophisticated, dark blue is elegant, but most strinking is cobalt blue. It's one of those colors which suits everyone. Dark hair., ginger, blonde or balck. If you're pale, tan or dark skinned. Wether you're full figured or slender. You might be thinking how is that such a big deal? Well, think about it. How rare is it that a color looks good on all, especially such a bold one. How often is there fashion equality?

 I mean fashion is obviously a superficial world and I have been all about how to express yourself through colors and clothes. Sadly I have come to realize that today we criticize ourselves too strongly. We say only tan people can wear shorts and the color white. You have to be skinny for jeggins and short for heels So I can't wear heels because I'm tall? Wear my favortie color in winter when I'm pale? Why do we still judge so strongly? It's 21st century after all.  Designers make shoes only in certain sizes, tops and dresses with specific cuts. How often is it really that something is designed that every woman can wear? Converse come to mind and sweaters... but otherwise?

The answer is cobalt blue. It's a color to embrace and I think everyone of us should own a piece in that color. Because it is a piece of equality and can therefore symbolize unity. It is a chance at peace in the fashion world, something not even the bitchiest can insult. I love it. It's so peaceful, so striking and no one can really hate it. Blue- freedom

Still loving fashion,


  1. Great shade of blue :)! Is it a cashmere sweater ?

  2. It's so true what you say about the different shades of blue... I love them all for different reasons. Cobalt blue sure is a stunning shade


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