Montag, 16. September 2013

Red lips


What am I talking of? Red lips of course. Nothing is sexier and more sensual than red lips. They demand attention focus eyes on your face, make you seem more intriguing. They can make up your make-up and make you seem styled even if you're not wearing any other make up. They are sultry and gorgeous.

The only annoying thing is that you constanly have to carry your lisptick around, as as soon as you drink or eat something it will look splotchy and gross. Then again what are Douglas testers there for? Even better I have decided is dark red. It gives it that extra vamp kick and makes you even more mysterious. Also if you don't have naturally full lips you can just fake a bit if you apply a bit over and outline them with a contouring pencil. Just make sure you do it neat. Also always carry around your hand-mirror, to check there's nothing on your teeth. Then again by the amount of selfies we are taking today we would notice soon anyway. Atough just remeber to delete that selfie ;)

Still loving fashion,

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