Dienstag, 10. September 2013

We will always be here

While time seems to be going by at snail speed at the moment the only thing getting me happy are the new winter/fall collections. But I have to admit it's very hard for me saying goodbye to my summer clothes. Those pastel colored pants, wedges and sandals, shorts, hippie dresses and wide cut tank-tops. All the dark colors and rain are basically asking for depressions. Autumn depressions setting in, call the fashion police. The person who said "Yes now I can finally wear 90% of my wardobe again" What is wrong with you?! Who has more sweaters than shorts and tank tops? 

I hate long pants, I love feeling the wind around my legs, even if it does mean constantly having to shave them. The freeness of summer being able to wear whatever and not needing a jeacket on top. You can't even see necklaces or bracelets underneath these thick jackets and hoodies. Bright make up looks out of place on the pale skin and my hair is hanging listless because there is no humidity to make it fuffy and wavy. But now sadness won't get you further in life, sadly. And while lately all I've wanted to do is close my eyes and hide in my bed, blanket pulled over my head with my laptop and movies, I know I can't do that. Life goes on and even when everything seems too much we have to go on. 

Lately I have even been so sick of everything, I commited the greatest fashion crime of all, I spent all week wearing jogging pants or pyjamas. I know. It was bad. My friends were looking at me with eyes saying "Oh god, what up?" Life's up, but I'm down. While they're comfy, I had to admit they don't really make you feel better. Avoiding the mirrors because you look that bad... yeah, not a good feeling. Seeing your reflection in cars, windows and glass doors and thinking "Who is that person?" Having people look at you and know it's not envy, or compliments going through their mind. So I finally pulled myself up and starting dressing normally again. Well, normal for me anyways and I it did the trick. My confidence, walk and attitude was back. It's not arrogance but the knowledge that haters going to hate and there's always going to be haters but that I'm over them. I feel myself when I'm wearing bright colors, or extravagent pants, Doc Martens and heels, Smoky eyes and red lips. When I feel heads turning because I look like something misplaced to be walking her dog on the street. But that's life and I won't be forgotten. I won't let myself be forgotten, I'm not going to forget myself and my clothes are the things which can bring me back. Make me see who I can be, if I let myself. That's the hardets thing when seasons change, a new time starts and you're lost somewhere in between adn decisions have to be made and it's all too much. You need that one thing that keeps you grounded, reminds you who you are, brings memories and strength back, makes you feel confident and ready to face the world. Fashion is that for me and probably also for you if you're reading this. So always remeber we fashionistas will hold together no matter what adn there's always something and someone to keep you looking forward.

Still loving fashion,

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  1. I love the warm months more too! But isn't it a nice challenge to create new great fall and winter outfits? :) Greetings from Mypinkboudoir.eu! xx


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