Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013


Back in the old days, people high in society would often host masked balls. While I am generally in love with balls, the elgance, beauty and mystery, I am even more in love with the idea of masked balls. Imagine being able to dance without anyone knowing who you are. To waltz and shimmy over the marble floor; have people look after you and wonder in awe "Who is that?" Mystery, I think we all strive for it in some way. The suprise of unwrapping a present; opening a new book wondering what stories it will hold; watching movies and following series, capitivated with the storyline of what will happen to our hereos; walking into a store searching for a something without knowing what. The unknown is so much more interesting than the obvious.

While it might be a bit over the top to run around town with a mask, although days with massive eye shadows and pimpeles have tempted me, you can create a different type of mask. I'm talking about the glory of make up. By applying make up we are given the chance to completely change the way our faces look. We can enlarge our eyes and lips,  fabricate gorgeous cheekbones, highlight features and conceal flaws. The possibilities are endless. A recent trend I have come to love is the idea of twiggy/asian eyes. I think they make everyone gaze into your eyes and take attention away from, in my case my chubby cheeks, our less loved features. After a lot of practice I am finally also able to draw lines on more or less straight and create that little curve in the end. I personally think these eyes look best with floral patterns, the contrast of a innocent open outfit with a mysterious and dramatic make up.

Still loving fashion,

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