Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013


Sometimes we just have those days where we want to scream "F$ck the world!" And like always in life we then have two options, an easy and one a bit harder one. And like always the harder one is the more rewarding. Karma seriously is a B§tch. So either hide in your room, mope and stare at your laptop or get out there and do something! Fashion being the apparently only nice god out there, has given us a new gift to adulate: statement hats. They basically project what our head is thinking to the outside. These hats are availible with everything from a smiley face to colorful swear words and tend to provoke and offend. Lets face it: that's what we want when we are being cranky. We want people to be shocked, mothers to glare at us for teaching their child a new word and snobby salespeople to look down with that 'Ithinkyourinthewrongstore' look. When everyone else is pissed off by us, we feel better. It's not misanthropic, it's life. So if you are having one of those days, buy a hat. Trust me it helps and if you then pair it with a supercool outfit you'll already feel so much better. Extra bonus: You don't even have to wash your hair because no one will see! Win, win situation! You mope and make everyone miserable! Aren't I a wonderful replica of grumpy cat? Try it before judging

Still loving fashion,

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