Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013


Nothing hurts more than heartbreak. Actual heartbreak can't be pushed away by denial. And if we are honest no amount of ice-cream or chocolate can cure it. It will just lead to us not fitting into our clothes. Every person has a different way of dealing with heartbreak. Some don't have a way yet, because they have never experienced that pain yet. Those lucky ones... Or are they?

It was, ironically I might say, no other than Ke$ha who got through to me the other day. Something she said stuck in my head like gum to our favorite new shoes. "It is so hard to write a song when you're not madly in love with someone or heartbroken." She was actually upset about not being heartbroken! At that time I was about to hurl my coffee cup at the screen, when I realised she was right. I wrote best when I was in pain. Maybe we need pain. Maybe pain brings out the good in us. However controversial that sounds think about it; we run fastest when angry or sad, some metaphor for running away from our troubles. We box hardest when we are imagining the face of someone in place of the boxing sack. We look our best because we work out, dress consciously and put on make-up in case we run into that someone. We write the best songs, poems or books in pain. We draw or help others to distract ourselves. Now not all those things apply to all of us, but some of those . We all deal with pain differently and I have now discovered my way.   

It is made up of three stages:

1. I admit I am actually heartbroken and console myself with friends, Sex and the city, shopping and of course fashion lectures

2. I become someone else. Doesn't everyone sometimes wish to just be someone else? Become a different person? Well who says you can't? You set your own limits. I'm serious, what do you think wigs and clothes and make-up and colored contacts were made for? To help us become the person we want to be. What I do is, I think of a charcacter, their name, personality, history, work and details. Then I pick out all the clothes from my wardrobe which that person would wear and hang them on a rack. I gather matching jewlery, handbags, accessories and shoes. And then I become that person. I do what that person would like doing. I introduce myself as that person (of course only to people I don't know) and you would be suprised how much better you feel after. You got a break from yourself and got to be someone else, because in reality no vacation can do that. They can bring you away from your home and friends, but not yourself.

3. I get over it. It's simple but far from easy. It's painful and awful, but life goes on. And at some point, after the millionth sad song, looking at pictures for the umteenth time and another date with some guy, you realise you are okay

And that's life. Without pain we don't grow or learn and to put it in simple words, IT SUCKS. But in the end we become a person. After all the jabs and punches and changes we had to endure, we realise what we want, need and have a chance at getting. That person then is who we are and that person never stops changing and growing. So what I guess I'm trying to say that fashion is and has always been a huge part of me and now I know how it can help me through pain as well and I hope that you by reading this may realise you feel similar about some of my points too.

Still loving fashion,

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