Montag, 21. Januar 2013


Classics, the pieces every women needs in her wardrobe. The type of classics you need varies on the type of women. For Party girls a pair of comfortable designer heels, leather jacket because they make everything cooler and a LBD is mandatory. For the office women it's a flattering trouser suit, a well fitted black or navy blazer and elegant heels which they can wear to meetings, preferably blackpatent leather, 8cm high. Every student needs a well-fitted skinny jeans,  soft scarf in your favorite color and a pair of boots that fit to everything, my personal favorite: black Doc Martens, ultra cool and the best for style contrasts. 
Now, for the timeless, classic and chic look, invented by the french of course, you need tight fitted jeans, a trench coat, red lipstick(the same color as the shoes of course) and Red plateau Louboutins. Every women, I feel, needs a pair of Louboutins. If it takes years to cut back on shirts and accessories, it's worth it. A pair of Louboutins isn't a pair of shoes, No! It's a a way of self- belief. We need to reassure ourselves of our feminism and our looks. A pair of louboutins will make heads turn when you softly gloat over the ground to make an entrance. They make you feel like CInderella, without needing that Prince we all know doesn't exist in real life. Those heels will ensure they all stare at you, stare at those red soles when you walk away. When you slip your feet into those shoes, you feel different you carry yourself high. Ladies, there's a reason Posh can't live without them ;)

However when wearing Louboutins there are a few rules which are compulsory: 

  1. NEVER walk on rough stone! They will damage that red sole faster than you can say "credit card"
  2. NEVER slouch when wearing Louboutins, that would be a personal insultment to the shoes
  3. NEVER wear slutty outfits when wearing those heels, they are worth much more than being presented as a whore (keep in mind the line between sexy and slutty is very slim)
  4. and whatever you do NEVER EVER say "I look crap today" when wearing Louboutins. Louboutins turn us all into models, if we just believe

Still loving fashion, 

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