Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Reliving the old

2013 has arrived and the world hasn't ended yet.... Is that the reason why we are reliving the old? Our signature topmodels are coming to their end, however we seem to be incapable of replacing them by someone new. Instead of Kate Moss we now have Georgia May Jagger, instead of Sarah Jessica Parker there is Blake Lively and Heidi Klum is being run over the Victoria Secret runaway by Toni Garrn. I mean really isn't it time to create something new? What are we waiting for? Why are we clinging to the past? 
Maybe people just have to accept that there will only ever be one SJP and one Kate Moss. Sure there will be new models, trends and icons but we can't keep repeating the old. We need to spicen things up a little. So now it's your turn! Don't just wear those neon colors which have suprisingly come back. Own them! Mix prints that match, DON'T just throw together stripes and dots. We don't need to dress badly to create something new, we need to be ourselves because someone once so wisely said "Be yourself, everyone else already exsists."
So be your own style icon!  Life is too short to be thinking of the past. We are not dressing 50's when we are wearing polka-dots, red lipstick and tight pants, we are dressing 2013. We are living today, in the moment and as trends evolve, fashion stays the same. So mix, color and be free because everything you create now may be remebered in 2040.

still loving fashion,

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