Samstag, 26. Januar 2013


Cocktails can serve like a Miu Miu clutch, they make the perfect accessories. But like with a clutch, to be cool you have to pick the right one. From 1998 when Carrie brought the Cosmopolitan to us drinks have evolved with new flavors, glasses and names. The drink everryone drinks at the moment is Wodka Lemon. The models love it for it has little calories, you can get it almost anywhere and according to taste you can vary: Vodka orange, Vodka tonic, Vodka cola etc. I personally love this drink although I know it's not everyones favorite. While a variety of cocktails work just fine there are a few drinks a woman should NEVER drink.

Whiskey, it's a complete mens drink and nothing looks less atractive than a woman with a whiskey in her hand. No guy will be turned on by that and it will make you come over hard and masculine. If this is your aboslute favorite drink then your, of course in a bit of a mess, but let me assure like for all rules there are exceptions.When a guy offers you or encourages you to have one, it would be perfectly fine to accept and in this case it might even look really sexy. However, never order one by yourself. Should you feel like it go out with the girls, but as a flirt it's one of the worst choices.

Beer, well the name says it all. While boyfriend style is fashionable again, it is not fashionable to behave like your boyfriend. Drinking beer is about as unladylike as it will get, so don't. Now before all you festival-lovers start sending me hate mail, it is totally fine to have a beer to cool off at a festival or concert, as in this case a beer can be your hippie accessorie. What I mean is to never have a beer in a bar, to a meal or worst as an appetizer.

Lastly champagne, the poshest drink exsisting and glamorous as anything, which is why your probably wondering what it's doing on my "never drink list". Well, nothing is wrong with a glass, or even a few at a cocktail party or celebration. However, if your jugging down liters of it at the bar or on a date, a guy is going to be massivley turned of, simply because he won't want to pay it. In no time you will have the reputation for being an expensive date and possibly even a "rich b*tch". 

Now as you have seen nothing can compliment better or worse than a drink. WIth your drink you symbolize who your are: funny, smart, flirtatious or talkative. So choose wise ladies

Still loving fashion,

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  1. I love this post! I am a bit of a cocktail connoisseur and though I love a cheeky bellini I know that champagne is reserved for special occasions. My favourite is a Mojito or a Strawberry Daiquiri, do you have any other favourites? x


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