Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013


SALE: My favorite sign in the whole, wide world. Although I love it even more in combination with shoes. That magical sign that can cause girls to scream. That feeling when you enter the store with only one thought, "Please let that shirt still be there in my size!" That feeling of pure glory and achievement when you leave with a full shopping bag, but without having spent too much. (Hey, $250 for Jimmy Choos?!) That sign that lights up everything in a red shine, like the devil, knowing you will splurge in a second, because you can simply not believe that the shoes are 70% off. That sign that gives every woman the perfect excuse, "But it was on sale!" 
There are two types of sales, Winter sale and Summer sale. While winter sale is wonderful, it is also slightly depressing because you see all the things you bought for expensive so bloody cheap. You are also usually broke from buying all those items expensive (yes, thank you salespeople, it would have killed you to lie and say that these shoes were already on sale.)
Hoever summer sale, now thats a completely different thing, you have a nice vacation planned, you have worked all spring to get that bikini body in shape, you have saved all your money, to spend it on SALE! All those tunics and tanks tops, hot pants and bikinis, heaven I swear. Sitting in a cafe, outside again finally, sipping lemonade and staring at those colorful glowing shopping marks, embellished brightly with the brand names, happily putting on those new sunglasses, tilting your head back, letting your hair cascade down your back and think, "This is life." Life I bet, would die out without sale. We need that feeling of accomplishment every once and a while. That thing that boosts your mood and gives you those happy hormones..... So keep your check cards tight ladies, the next sale is just around the corner, it will be worth it.

Still loving fashion,

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