Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

Wedding dresses

It's what every girl dreams of. When we watch "Bride Wars" for the millionth time and wish for a wedding like theirs. When we walk past tiffany's pretendig to eye those necklaces, when really dreaming of the moment where our boyfriend drops on one knee and pulls out that magical blue box...( I would  also totally settle for the Cartier trinity ring)
Unfortunately times have changed and I was shocked to find out, the other day, that some people actually don't give engagement rings anymore! Their boyfriend didn't drop on one knee and they married in black! Black? Of all colors black?! Is this what people believe marrying is about today? The wedding day and all the days up to it is like dipping into Cinderellas wonderland. However only if you do it right.

The thing that really brings the wedding to life is not the ring, setting or guests, although they are indeed very important. No, the biggest thing of all is the dress. Watching Sex and the City yesterday and seeing Carrie's Vogue photoshoot in all those drop-dead-gorgeous wedding gowns made me all sentimental. Imagine marrying in a dress like that... THE dress designer however is and will always stay Vera Wang. Since years I have been stalking her website, eager to see the newest bridal collection and hog the laptop with my friends dreaming about wearing one of these. Seriously Kim K and co. don't know how lucky they are. While I do love classic Vera Wang makes everything seem so perfect. Only in one of her dresses would I ever consider wearing in anything but white. Her champagne and rose colored dresses with tull and sparkle make you feel like you are looking at the work of a magical fairy. Yes, fairy Wang is the only person in the world I will excuse for making black wedding gowns. But anyone else should go and book a divorce lawyer already! Her creations are art and only people who have no idea about any of her magic can say "It's only a dress, you will never wear it again." Don't you see that thats the point. It's like winning an oOlympic gold medal, yes you only won it once in that year and category and it isn't real gold, but it's got such a huge sentimental part that it's worth so much more. The possibility of looking at it hanging from a hanger and relieving that moment of pure happiness, it's a feeling worth paying time and money for. Stepping into the dress when you feel bad and then looking into the mirror and seing beauty, that's what a wedding dress is about, making you feel beautiful and having a memory for life....
Don't you agree? What do you think of Vera Wang?

Still loving fashion,

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