Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Is classy the new sexy?

Yes, as you can probably tell by now I love attention grabbing, provoking and different clothing (although not and I underline this to attract men, but because I love it). However after recently trying on a dress on persuasion of a friend I noticed how amazing classic could look. The dress was sweet and although I have ocassionally bought the "goody goody two shoes dress" it always ended up in the back of my closet where it was never worn, but today with all the leather and studs I noticed that classic could be a nice alternative. And much to my suprise it actually got more compliments. People admire it when you look classy and confident and right away grant you a certain respect. 

People like Anne Hathaway, Hailie Steinfeld and Taylor Swift have showed us how amazing it can look and while up until now I believed only a Taylor Swift could look attractive in a 50's dress, I'm now starting to change my mind. I believe the challenge is creating a classic look with accessories that add the sparkle. LCassic being anythind from knee length skirts, calm coordinated colors or vintage style. In one of the outfits below, I paired a a brightly colored dress, with a patent leather belt, patent leather shoes and black tights along with a sparkling necklace (as you can see below) and I felt great wearing it! However my favorite is the one on the right, that cape gives me an Audrey Hepburn/princess feeling and I fell like cinderella just because of that one elegant poncho. They are so much more practical than normal dresses! You never have to pay attention weather your skirt is sliding up, if your tights slide down a bit no one can see and they flatter the figure! So all in all a win win situation. What makes Taylor and Co. so sexy is I believe their positivity and confidence. Clothing says so much about you and dressing like a lady says you expect to be treated like one. Also by not having to worry about something sliding down or up you have mor etime to focus on that smile of yours and not to forget by hiding more skin there is more to uncover ;)

Thanks you ladies for bringing sexy back!

Still loving fashion, 

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