Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013


I admit it doesn't exatcly make you a canidate for "Americas next sweetheart", but it makes life a hell of a lot more fun. I love provoking through fashion because nothing makes heads turn like a unique outfit be it vintage, contrasting or just completely crazy. True to my motto "Normal is boring" I decided to follow the newest trend of written on tights. I'm an absolute fan of this because in combination with a plain skirt it makes anything stand out. I like the feeling of having left a subway, shop or cafe knowing people will rember my outfit, maybe even mention it. They might not be aware of it but somewhere in their heads they will have an opinion, be it good or bad. This need to be noticed is I have to admit vain, but also a lot of fun and I think just refelcts the human nature. In a world like today where there are always people who can sing, dance or write better. Are prettier, funnier or skinnier it is so hard to stand out. While some people use criminality to make their point, or extremly good grades or even voluteer work (which I highly admire) I love to do it through my clothes. It's the easiest way to present myself and my personality and to be completely honest my clothes at times scare of people, which really is a good thing because I wouldn't get along with superficial people like that. 

I believe fashion is an art and in art you express yourself. Now we can't all be Miranda Kerr or Stella McCartney so by just dressing extravagently and sharing it with you I feel like I'm expressing my creativity and that's a good thing right?

Still loving fashion,

Which one is better?

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