Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013


Outlets are in my opinion the remake of heaven. They used to be those little dark rooms, with bare concrete walls and no heating. The piles in the middle would more remind us of garbage than fashion. 
Today we've evolved a long way. The stores are hidden "it pieces" in rich towns such as St.Moritz, Zurich or Florence. When making your way through some backyard you enter a miniture shop where you can hunt for hours for treasures that cost barely anything. In many shopping metropoles they even have whole outlet towns by now such as LA and Florence. When we, for the first time, entered the gates to one of the "Outlets"(more like cities) in Florence I was dumbstruck. There were shops with the greatest designer labeles ranging from Alexander Mcqueen, Prada and Pucci encircled in nice grassy areas with benches where the husbands could wait with the kids and dogs. The stores were all organized and if it hadn't been for the prices I wouldn't have noticed the differnce. There I bought a dearly loved pair of Stella Mccartney shoes for $90 and a couple of others things, but looking back with regret not enough. Too shocked by this whole new fairytale dimension which had just been  unlocked I was running from one store to the next, desperate to manage in the three short hours we had been given before the transfer would pick us up. However by the end of that trip I was so exhausted I could barely walk anymore. After about 6 hours shopping in the morning and a little cardio training elsewhere also know as sightseeing, where we ran up El Duomo in about 15 min (463 steps!!!) to catch a quick sight of our shopping terrain. 

Anyway back to the outlets they are a must in every big city and honestly who cares about this season? At the moment neon has been "in" for 3 seasons and anyway vintage is the newest awesome ;) You can drag kids, dog and even husband to these outlets as they have restaurants, kids areas, grass and in some cases even hairdressers/spas. The only thing you should probably hide in the end is your credit card bill, because even though there are designers for 90% off you will be broke in the end. And enjoy it because trust me nothing is worse leaving with only memories, you can't wear those!

Still loving fashion,


  1. I m a huge fan of the outlet in Florence, "The Mall"!! crazy about it!!!


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