Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Florence city of fashion love

After briefly mentioning Florence in my post yesterday I began to look at my pictures form last years trip there and immediatly had a longing to go there again. Florence is everything you could want. Amazing cafes and restaurants for so cheap you can barely believe it, beautiful architecture and museums, natural scenery of gardens, mountains and the river Arno and shops. Glorious mounds of shops. Florence isn't a city you should visit with a city guide. It's a cuty where you need to enter and walk around with only your sixth sense to guide you. Wander through those little streets and enter shops full of magic, giving you the feeling of harry Potter in the wizard town. It's a spectacular experience to lick your gelato(which they cream onto a con with huge spatulas like cake cake mix in your mouth) all your senses are going crazy, your eyes can't believe the glorious shops, your ears hear offers being yelled up and down the market in sexy italian accents, your skin feels the sunlight, your taste buds are experienceing new flavors of such delight and you smeel the air of freshly baked cake.

The first few days passed in a hazard of shopping which I can only vaguely remeber due to sensory overload. I remember that in everey store I stepped I never wanted to leave agaion and they only got prettier and prettier. Walking past Ferregamo, Pucci, Etro and Prada for the first time understanding where they really came from. Feeling the italian flair. It's not main street like Milan you walk through little streets hunting for treasures and evry once in a while you will end up on a piazza filled with vespas and colorful candy stores. Florence is one of the few towns who realize what an art fashion really is. They have a shoes museum! A museum for shoes and trust me that was the first museum I could've stayed in forever. Seeing those shoes it's like someone finally understood me! Shoes weren't just shoes, they were a way to build confidence and establish a new person!

The most amazing store by far was however a jeweler store. On recommendation of a friend we one morning entered the so called "most awesome jewelery store ever". When inside we were massively disappointed. The room was full of drawers and little cabinets with a few nice pieces displayed on top. After wandering through the room for a couple of aimless minutes we were about to leave until the sales assist called us why we were leaving. We answered we were done and thats when the fairy showed us her magic. She opened all the cabinets and drawers which were filled to the top with jewelery. Not gold and silver but jewelery made out of plastic, not cheap plastic though expensive looking shiny and colorful plastic in all forms and sizes. With added stones and pearls to form necklaces, rings, bracelets and colliers. We were dumbstruck. Every time we thought we were done another drawer opened. After 1 hour we were still not even clsoe to done. After purchasing a pair of elephant earrings in blue and pink with matching bracelets and another set of pink, turqouise and cream we left drunk of magic potion. This one was definetly one of my favorite stores. 

Then of course there was Pucci, outlets, little stores, Blumarine, Ferregamo the shop etc. Our hotel reflected this wizardy of brilliance, looking over all of Florence with a roof terass amazing breakfast and gorgeous rooms. All in all I can't wait to go back and seriously envy all Italians.

Still loving fashion,

P.S. For some tips be it shopping, eating or living just mail me, I'd be glad to help :)

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