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Shopping Metropoles

Abu Dhabi: A shopping metropole?

Paris, London and New York, cities we know and dream about, cities that spell out one thing for us; Shopping! These cities have the greatest malls, designers, boutiques and vintage stores and we could live in each easily and never get bored. After a recent trip to Abu Dhabi I however began to wonder, what makes a fashion metropole? Is is the amount of stores, designers or prices? Because in my time spent in Abu Dhabi I felt like I was in shopping heaven. 

From the moment I got there I was infatuated by the 'Sex and the city' feeling streaming my way. I felt like Carrie waking up in a completely new world. On my first day shopping I then targeted the Center Souk, an incredible builiding containg shops and cafes on 3 floors. Naturally I didn't have the time to sit down in a single cafe because I was busy running around like a mad hen picking up a million things I 'desperately needed'. Yes looking back I can say thank god I wasn't alone because I would have been broke after the first two shops, but it seemed unable for me to understand how necklaces could be $15 and look so good! There was arabic influenced jewlerry everywhere and while I knew most wasn't high quality it still looked so precious. There were belly dancer outfits, Maxi dresses and rings, bracelets and colliers everywhere. After that we went to the Emirates Palace which was purely breathtaking. There is a reason SATC was filmed there. The hotel radiates wealth and luxury and walking through the giant rooms I felt like Alice in wonderland. Refreshed after the most amazing tea I had ever had we carried on to Marina Mall where I stopped in shock again. This Mall was a giant replica of the worlds most trendiest brands. They had everything from Forever 21, Ted Baker, Guess and Dior. This shopping center represented the world most popular brands all in one shopping centre. 

After another few days of maniac expreiences from which I still can't believe their quite true such as camel riding, desert picknicking and going on crazy rides in a water park I came to the conclusion of what a fashion Metropole is: A place in which international brands can be found, while incorporating it's own unique feeling when shopping and having signature pieces which will make a fashion lover remember the city.

So while New York and co. are probably best know there are still millions of shopping paradises which you can explore, Abu Dhabi being one for starters.

Still loving fashion,

P.S. If you have made some great experiences while shopping in unknown or know cities please comment them as I would love to explore them.

Feeling like Carrie through and through :) 
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