Freitag, 1. März 2013

The Solution to every problem

Scarves, they are not just there to keep you warm they are like our phones really. We don't just use them to "phone" we text, take pictures, play games, e-mail, socialize, navigate yadda yadda.
Now scarves they can keep us warm, make us look less boring if it's Monday morining and all we managed to pull on way black jeans and a blacks shirt, they cover stains, they make it look appropriate when really our blouse is see through and they can make us stand out like all fashion items. Once again I have to remind you all of how lucky we are to live in the future because back them scarves weren't made out of nice cotton, silk or cashmere, they were mad eout of wool. Scratchy, itchy, stupid wool. Nothing is worse to wear a ugly scraf which will them make your entire neck look like a rash. When I saw this scarf today I just feel in love with it. I could see it from 20m away and started screaming (inside) right away. The desihgn and nice color not only combine the outfit to make it seem like a perfectly combined frozen joghurt, light fluffy and yet it warms you inside and out through its materials and colors. So run, run little fashionistas if you don't yet have a funky scraf now is the time, becaus escarfs have never been so pretty.

Still loving fashion,


  1. loving your scarf! and that thing with the phone is soooo true :)
    fun post honey!
    lots and lots of love

  2. Thank you <3 yes its very sad but True :D prepare for more just landed back in NY xxxxxx


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