Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

Sun worshipping

Tanning is one of those ironic habits. In Europe, everyone tans to look posh, as if they had just returned from a holiday abroad. The darker the tan the more jealousy you will recieve. Nothing is sexier or more envied than tan legs and face. Not to mention it optically slims and hides skin blemishes. In the US and southern countries however people do everything to stay pale. Use sun screan, big hats and long sleaves. As well as staying out of the sun as much as possible. In those countries there is still the deep rooted belief that tan skin signifies poorness as gardners and workers used to be tan from working outside all day. There anyone can be tan due to the everyday  sun and often nerby oceans. Now it is special to be pale, have that snow white skin color. Like always we want what we can't have. I for one will never understand humanity, why do we always strive for the things out of reach? I, for one, would die to have sun everyday.

Therefore, I obviously am a girl for tan skin. It takes away my unlucky eye shadows and generally makes me look better. Lately, due to lots of rain, my tan has unfortunately begun to fade and so I decided to share my newest find with all the ones who love sun as much as me.

Neon, it has been the 'in' statement all year  on shoes, glasses and dresses. But what we forgot through all the glamour and editorials is how neon can make our skin look! I was shocked when I pulledon neon yellow socks and shorts and looked in the mirror: my skin look at least 2 shades darker! In my delight I spent the whole day in those shorts, which looked rather weird due to the fact it was 16°C outside and raining, but I couldn't resist the temptation of looking as if I had just been on holiday and showing of my legs. It did get quite a few envious looks. So if you would like an exotic tan pull on neon in combination wiht white. However don't do that if you're very pale! You will look like a ghost! WHile paleness can look enchanting with rose, red or black, white and white never match and you will look like you are about to head to the graveyard rather than a party. Another tip, put fresh squeezed lemon juice in your hair to obtain blonde streaks and run coconut oil onto your skin, it leads to faster tanning and burn prevention.

Still loving fashion,

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