Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Something of Witches

What can we learn of witches? Well apart from the fact they can fly and make everyone fall in love with them, which is surely very useful but unfortunately rather unlikly, (unless you are like Miranda Kerr or Angelina Jolie) they show us how mysterious dark colors are. Because when wearing all dark every speck of color stands out, which is why we often wear it with red  lipstick. Even better I have discovered however is neon. Not a complete neon piece but weaving neon in. These leggins I admit kind of make me look like someone who runs away from black cats and has a creepy snake at home somewhere (which I definetly don't! I have the biggest snake phobia ever) and no they aren't cobwebs but actually flowers. The longer you look at them the more you see the fine detail. I just realized those when I was sitting in the subway, in the shop I just glimpsed the neon and knew I HAD to buy them. 

Once again they lead me looking slightly dark, but hey either pair it with a smile or wear them on a day you don't want to talk to anyone, the pants work better than any spell ;) Yet again, extravagant and crazy but they do stand out and if you're trying to attract male or any attention for that matter in a club, pair them with shorts and high heels and some swaying hips and they will all be spell bound. Never be afraid of weird clothes it's your attitude that counts

Still loving fashion,

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  1. These pants are SO fab! Love them!



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