Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013


Poise is one of those things all women strive to posses. We want to be poised in order to seem indestructable, like no one can hurt us. That's why certain clothes are hard to wear. They require honesty and confidence. They make us face things we hate, give people a weak spot to target. But wihtout that weak spot we could also never feel that rare exhilarating happiness which overcomes us at times. Dressing in a short or sexy dress for example can lead to some people calling us cheap or slutty. That same dress might however also make our belovedes heart beat faster. In order to win we must risk and trying out new things is scary and will always take a certain courage, but we have to stop hiding our feelings. Let go at times, find moments to express our feelings.

Society has taught us to stop doing exactly that. Music only centers around sex and parties and while I'm sure there are people whose minds only revolve around those things some still have actual feelings. Those feelings like hurt, sadness and fear are not sung about as much anymore, because of course we look much cooler when singing about last nights one night stand than family problems. Singing about superficial things makes us seem cool and gives us a place to hide. Same with books, why do books center aroung pointlesss things, because we have 'used up' all the old ideas? That's ridiculous, but how people think. It's the reason celebrities can only wear a ceratin dress once, after that it's used up. But we forget that that dress would never look the same. It would change with the poise and aura of the person wearing it adn every moment being unique nothing can ever be used up. Stop pretending and generalising moments, feelings and appperances. No one is the same and if we would stop all attempting to potray our poise in the same manner we might see that. 

Elegance does not require a cold heart but the ability to express emotions in the right way and time. Instead of hate and drugs and acolohol, poise let's us seem composed, that we accept our feelings. Control is good but don't overcontrol. Elegance comes with acceptance and I have seen women look more elegant in jeans and boots that celebrities in oscar gowns, simply because they stayed true to themselves. They weren't trying to be someone they weren't, hiding age behind botox and insecurities behind spandex and sadness behind the muzzle of their publicist.

Let your clothes honestly reveal who you are. Wear everything with confidence and remeber 100 people might judge what you're wearing but if one person loves it, it's all woth it again because that one person is the only one which matters.

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  1. You are so right and this is very interesting. I am all for wearing everything confidently and wearing what you love!

  2. I agree! I used to dance when I was younger and poise was a great thing to have.



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