Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

Returning to myself

You know that feeling when you just want to get out of town? Forget all the people you see everyday, get out of that gossip cycle in which lately you have been playing too big of a role, when your done doing what everyone always expects you to do and want to let loose? Well no better city for that than a fashion metropole so I headed to Berlin the other day. The weather was crazy warm and I just had the best time shopping till I drop, tanning in parks and devouring asian food all day long. Here is the thing I've been waiting for forever my new pink Doc Martens. What can I say? I have finally found my match. Eccentric, loud and yet simple, evrything I pride myself on being. I found the leggins in a small shop in an alley along with a bunch of other super cool things. They match perfectly with my new Doc Martens. I put on everything today and spent the morning ejyoing the startled looks of everyone, so good to be back and be the colorful bird in a uptight city full of posh rich kids and botox parents :)

Another major change not only happened in my head but also on my head. I got rid of my long locks and dyed my hair ginger. Yep, trust me I was the last one expecting this but the hairdresser advised me I decided to go for it and actually kind of like it. We all need a change sometime because it's a mad world out here and we are all struggling to be ourselves and I finally feel like I'm myself again, I'm at my centre again, so take a deep breath when you're going crazy and get out of your city, it will do you good. Remeber life is what you make of it

Still loving fashion,

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