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If you have been reading my posts for a while you will know I'm one of the biggest SATC ever! SJP and Mr Big are my heroes like others worship the whole vampire stuff. So absolutely nothing made me happier than to hear there was going to be a Carrie Diaries series. This calls for a *yay* especially since there is now also going to be a season two *double yay*! Just like SATC,  I find the series enchanting with all the fashion from 40 years ago and ironically I heard that barely anything had to be made seperately, because all the trends are coming back so most of the clothes could be bought at topshop and H&M. I also feel the series is a refreshing difference from all the drugs and sex and scandal, showing what the world can be without all that, the other side behind all the Glitz and Glam.

The thing which caught my attention right away was the awesome Carrie bag. It shows how you can create a unique masterpiece through accidents or with limited possibilities which will then be hyped, especially due to it being unique. I love that bag, but the thing is that there are quite a few like those on the market today so I decided not to be a complete copycat but make something using the same idea. I bought a pair of plain white skinny jeans, got out all my favorite nail polishes and started splattering. I have to admit I thugh it would be a lot easier. But after 2 hours or so the pants were completely splatteres, so was I for that matter and I still find bits of color now :D Nevermind totally worth it, because the pants certainly made heads turn when I paired them with a simple white tank, black blazer and belt and high heels.

I haven't washed them yet so I have no idea what will happen after washing, I'm kind of scared to try, but I hope they will stay the same since it is nail polish. Anyway try it! I've gotten into splatter mood and been decorating pants, shirts and also my iphone cover which looks super cool and will ensure it can't be stolen ;) Let's get started Carrie's, you all have that creative side if you love fashion

Still loving fashion,

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  1. OMG so true!! I've watched the series too! I think it's not as grown up as SATC but it's super fun to watch, has a great cast and I heard that Stanford will be introduced in season 2! Yay!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog =)


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