Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

Summer love

Summer love is in the air and while I have decided to stear clear of love thanks to all the drama of my friends recentely, I have taken to the wise decision of granting fashion all of my heart. While I'm not too sure my credit card is thanking me for this I have benn in heaven for the last days, there is nothing like summer sale. Due to the unexpected hot weather shopping outside has been rather brutal,  swollen feet and sassy high heels were never a good match, but there is still online shopping. I've been rading asos and nasty gal and have got my eyes on the most adorable wedges.

On one of my trips where I actually made it out of the house and down the block to buy lemonade (my most recent craving, I'm just never going to get that bikini body) I of course had to take the opportunity to stroll past a few shop windows and tada! I found the most awesome skinny jeans. They're super comfortable and come in short and long and with every type of pattern and color. GORGEOUS and not even expensive! Happy about my newest find I paired it up with my neon v-neck and blazer to create a typical clean model chic oufit which made heads turn and is perfect for going out as it does still get cold at night, so don't forget your blazer girls, weathers to nice to have a cold ;)

Still loving fashion,

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