Samstag, 6. April 2013

My and my clinging

According to the fact that it's now finally spring I can now finally wear (well more or less) what I want. To however not freeze to death I still wear some winter accessories combined with spring stuff. In this case I finally get to wear my Diane von Fürstenberg heels, which definetly did NOT work in the ice(ever tried walking on ice in wooden heels?!) and my favortie mini-skirt and my much loved leather jacket. I missed my leather jacket soso much! It's basically one of the few things I wear for 3 seasons straight (4 technically but in winter I put another jacket on top).

You know those items you just can bear to put away when a season has ended so you just keep wearing them? My Doc Martens for example, I wear them with shorts, dresses to work, clubbing and to walk the dog. I literally live on them. Or my blazer, whether under a winter jacket or just with a cute crop top. It's a classic and can be styled any way to fit any season. I think we need those basics to get us through the bad days. It's those items we wear on good and bad days and we just always have the comfort of wearing our little good luck charm. My shorts are also something I hate putting away so I usually just pair them with tights and stockings in winter but it's still always the best feeling when I pull them on without any tights for the first time. That fresh breeze around your legs and the comfort of being able to stretch without pants restraining you..... Can't wait for that day ;)

So now tell me what's your all-year piece?
Still loving fashion,


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  4. You have such a great style! Gorgeous outfit! The shoes are amazing ;)


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