Dienstag, 9. April 2013

top= totally awesome power

The thing which fills of my closet the most is shirts. I can never bear to throw one away because each has it's own story. The only thing I can bear is making my credit card burn when buying new awesome shirts. I discovered this brand in Florence and a few months later they also had them at home, however for double the price. As previously mentioned I have this obssesion about funny sayings and these shirt are funny, trendy and just sooo cool! The chanel one is one of my faves :)

I feel the industry knows how prone women are to buy when they see a funny shirt, almost like shoes except that you can wear shirts with all weather. Also I love the fashion statement they're making, not everything has to be expensive to be cool and that our so called 'it-girls' are way over rated. Nice to see someone who doesn't take himself or others too seriously ;)

Still loving fashion,

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