Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Feels like the 4th of July

What is different? Slowly I open one eye and roll over on my side trying to figure out what has happened. I calmp my eye shut again, bright! I wiggle my toes in a unknown substance, desperately trying to guess what it is. After cautiously opening my eyes for the second time I see what it is: Sunlight! I stare out the window wondering if this means the world is ending or a meteriot is about to hit earth, but no all clear with a blue, blue sky. The sound I couldn't interpret at first are actually birds. There seem to be a few who survived the drastic cold which only just failed to wipe out the whole of humanity. Still in my PJ shorts and shirt I stumble into the bathroom and open the door to the balcony. When I step out my body already braces for the icy cold about to hit me. I squeeze my eyes shut and tense all my muscles to brace my body for the freezing artic temperatures. But I don't turn into ice. Winter seems to finally be over. It is offically spring!!!

I slip into my favorite cowboy boots and blue jeans and make my way outside. My dog is prancing around the GREEN grass, dumbstruck where all the snow went and I still can't believe how warm it is. Ok, I have to admit I'm going drastically overboards here. It's still no where near warm but after the icy cold the 7°C now feel like a desert climate. Oh glory, I can't even tell you how happy I am that my favorite season has begun. Guys? It's officially spring time!!!

Still loving fashion,

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