Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Them cool girls

Remeber how we all so desperatly wanted to be cheerleaders in our first high school year? How we wanted to be one of those cool, hot girls who ruled the school? Well my dream of cheering already failed due to the fact that our school didn't even have a team. But I figured that is wasn't too bad, sure I couldn't preform like a cheerleader but I could still dress like one. So this is basically an idea I've stuck too. Yes, I have to admit it's not exactly one of the most wearable styles, but really when looking through my outfits, which is? 

By combining my lastest infatuation of baseballcaps with knee high socks and my super beloved VS sports top I'm in love with this outfit. Definetly something I wear for sports or even just to chill on the weekend. Taking these pictures we just had so much fun, rapping to Thrift shop leaving the surrounding people staring, wondering if they should call some kind of doctor. But who cares you only live once and you can dress like whoever the hell you want to be!

Still loving fashion,


  1. Love this post and pictures! Very fun times.


  2. Cute outfits you guys do look like cheerleaders. :)
    Looksima Post: Make Your Style Shine

  3. such cool pictures! always in love with those kinda socks! just wanted to add that your background is awesome :-)
    lots and lots of love from switzerland!


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