Sonntag, 21. April 2013

Queen of hearts

After wearing my favorite again yesterday I decided to finally dedicate a Post to them: colliers. Since they are more or less the closest thing, I will ever posses to me being a princess (unfortunately I'm not even talking Bvlgari here) but hey, at least they make me feel special! I bought this particular one in Abu Dhabi where I felt even more like the princess out of Aladin. I  know by now you probably think I'm the kind of girl who stalks Prince Harry in hope of living in a castle, but I can honestly assure you I'm not! I just love the feeling of looking special. Feeling like I stand out, or people will remeber me. Nothing makes me happier than when people are like, "Oh yeah. I know her she's the one with the red pants, or funky i-phone case" or something like that. It means I'm not the grey mouse at the side watching the pretty girls. I'm not saying I'm pretty or anything, but through jewlery and clothes every girl gets to feel special. 

Have you for example ever watched the show plain Jane? That's the kind of thing I mean, they get confindence and a whole new view on life just because they dress differently. People may say that is superficial and fake and how our society is only about looks now. Well, hate to break it to you, IT IS! But at the moment we still have the option between hiring stylist and reading Vogue to tell us what is  needed to be accepted in society, or we can rely on ourselves. Show the world who we are while still trying to stay afloat with all these crazy amazing and pretty and funny and smart other people. Because when it comes down to it, if you really like what you are wearing and decided it yourself, people will also remeber you for your characteristics and not only for your looks. It's a superficial world ,but we can still decide how we live in it.

Still loving fashion,

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  1. Loved tje heart necklace, such a beautiful combination


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