Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Swagger Jagger

So these are my favorite leggins of ALL TIMES!!! I used to always wear them in summer with bare legs, but recently I then wanted to wear them so bad so I just pulled on a pair of hot pink leggins underneath. Which I have to say looked super awesome. While people did look at me with that look of "Oh god another one of those emos" but I was delighted. Puts a new thing on the animal thing doesn't it? While I have to admit nothing is more pathetic than 'wannabe hipster' or punk or whatever with they're much too cool language and 'f*ck you all' facial expression, but I love a little punk in my outfit. While it looks especially weird when I walk through a rich neighbourghood in my punkish style, I still loving the feeling of rebellion. I used to always be the good girl, who did her homework and was polite and never mean, so my way to rebel was clothes. All black, short, high heels an neon.

The thing I'm still proud of (This is where the dejavu music would start in movies)...
When I was 13 my best friend of childhood decided to mess with me and went hard-core bitchy. After that she was my ex-best friend and yet cheecky enough to invite me to this church thingy, some christening thing. I didn't want to go but my mom forced me so I put on the most outrageous thing possible. I pulled on a tutu dress, leather jacket and stilettos and paired it with smoky eyes and red lipstick. It looked I have to say awesome. Everyone of course stared at me as if I was some kind of alien but I loved it. Her boyfriend spent all afternoon flirting with me and I just enjoyed my sweet revenge. Good times :) So always remember forget drugs and stuff. Fashion is the most daring way to break rules!

Still loving fashion,

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