Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Summer is calling!

Summer is finally getting closer, which god has decided to actually show by raising the temperatures. Along with the temperatures, it luckily also seems as if colors have gone up the scale and become much brighter. No more monotone grey, black and blue streets but pink and red and yellow and green! To celebrate color I have been wearing all my colored pants these weeks and enjoyed the feeling of t-shirts, without fat jackets on top. Also it is such a relief to not have to ruin my hair with hats anymore(although they were a good excuse for bad hair days). 

One of the best things to incorporate white with, if you don't want  to go full white ( or any other spring/summer color yet) is wearing tie dye pants. Mixing blue with green or grey with pink shows you are already in spring fever but might match better if you re-encounter one of those rainy days. 

I wore these pants today which are my complete favorite summer must have. I love how they incorporate animal print, studs, white and color streaks. Even cooler with streaked hair or highlighted tips, which I have been to afraid to do because of hair damage, but I really want to soon. It looks so awesome! So I hope you have all had a nice spring start and are rocking those colors!

Still loving fashion,

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