Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Post easter time

Is there something like spring laziness? I know there's the winter and autumn blues but honestly in the past weeks I have been so unmotivated to work! All I want to do is be outside and surprise surprise shop. Seeing all the flowery sales windows and beautiful new spring collections. Wedges and sandals, especially the gladiator sandals which are coming back to much of my delight... Tops, flowery dresses and the new juicy collection <3 have you seems they're bathing suits?! Best invention ever! You can wear them as tops, dresses or swimsuits. Sexy, classy and they even hide some belly fat ( why do they even put Easter before bikini season?!) anyway definetly check it out and there is no nicer place to shop than a nice decorated and colorful shop. Also great spring adresses are bcbg for prom dresses and Victoria secret to find the bikini that makes you look best. Wether you have huge boobs, a wide hip or short legs there I always a way to make you look great! Don't be ashamed flaunt your body you are perfect the way you are and don't let any size 0 model get you down! Spring is fun and if your still eating Easter eggs rather than working out relax, you are not the only one

Still loving fashion


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