Freitag, 12. April 2013

So far out of reach they're close again

Once upon a time...

You know those brands we dream about? the ones we will probably never be able to afford(unless we are SJP or co.) the ones we just google to get our mouthes watering? Well when I say Marchesa I think we all have the same reaction right? Heart beat speeding up, hands moistening, fingers twitching and mind flaring to see what you would look like in one of those dresses. Sounds familiar? The sites we all stalk the most, the stores we almost get heart attacks when we walk past, the only criminal action we could ever imagine doing stealing one of those gowns.....

Well, before I get criminal I should probably better move  on. But seriously how many of you have tried on of these on and felt the material clutch your skin, like it would never let you go, feel it cascade down your back and transform you into cinderella, giving you more support than any man ever could. It's not the price or name that makes these dresses special (that's just what makes them out of reach) it's the fact that they make us feel so special and according to every women's magazine thats what everyone needs. Forget alcohol, shoes or credit cars, unless they have a large overdraft for one of these dresses nothing will ver make you as happy right? 

I wonder though all these celebrities who were them day by day do they even still appreciate it? I mean they say it themselves they aren't ever allowed to wear a dress twice, so do they sit in their large walk in closets on a free day and try each of them one, dancing around the room or are they cool for that? Hanging each dress away after one event to never look at them again? Do dresses lose their worth when we can have them in any variety? I hope not. They won't for me ever. I will always love and stare at sales windows dreaming of wearing one.

Still loving fashion,


  1. So lovely dresses ^^
    I love the red :)

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  2. Gorgeous dresses! They look amazing.



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