Freitag, 15. März 2013

US bringing UK back

Remember those sunday mornings where rather than lounging in bed and drinking another coffee you had to drag your lazy backside outside, to walk that dog you desperately needed? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my dog. My pug is my perfect cuddle mix and while we are very alike (we both love sunbathing, hate getting up early and hate wetness) she does have to pee at one point. Not only is the fact  that my neighbours tend to see me in shorts, tank top and a fat jacket, my hair a mess and make-up not to speak off rather annoying, no I also have ruined a certain amount of shoes like that. The rain, wet and cold are just not made for leather or converse and while I do have a pair of Marc Jacobs wellies they aren't exactly gorgeous and I just hate wearing those high, dull boots. So who would've thought that I'd be the one to follow the crazy new Perry/Gaga trend? Rubber and latex are the new fashion sexy, believe it or not.

It was when I was shopping in a couple of unknown shops where I first saw this super awesome new trend. They had them in sandal, boot and even high heel form! They weren't dull but shiny and added with delightful accessories. After of course having to purchase a pair, I noticed that even large fashion labels had now taken these wellies into their collections. Really I have to admit they are genius! They are comfy, don't get dirty because you can just hose them off AND they don't ruin so I can wear them outside in the mud. (Be careful though, because cheap versions or wearing them too much isn't good for your feet and make them sweaty. My tip always wear thick socks)

So now I'm at least wearing one thing fashionable when I'm outside with the dog (although that hardly rescues the face/hair problem :P) 

Still loving fashion,

My pugalicious pug ;)


  1. Lovely outfit and your puppy is so cute.



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