Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

Birthday gift!

So yesterday was my birthday and while I insited on my family not buying me any presents my mom yet again suprised me with two jackets. One of them was this black lace tenchcoats/blazer mix. I to be excat "completely freaked" when I saw it since it's definetyl one of the coolest jackets I have ever seen! The mix of trenchcoat and blazer makes it look elegant with a dress or skirt and rock style with jeans or boots. It fits like a second skin and has the exact right amount of sexiness.

I have always been a fan of lace but I do agree that there are certain rules to wearing it. First off, lace and crop tops or bras singly, belong in the bedroom! While flashing a bit of one from underneath a shirt is fine, I think worlds sluttiest invention are see-through lace crop tops. Who wears them anyway? Second don't wear completely see-through lace to work or school. While having a cut out piece of lace, or a back of lace is fine, leaving everything bear could get you unwanted and negative attention. Oh, and don't wear lace with lace and lace. While a lace dress is nice, don't pair it with lace tights or hairband or gloves. Neither should you wear a lace top, with lace pants and jacket. As for all fashion statements too much is rarely good.

Now my top five lace items are:

  1. Lingerie, I think nothing is more sensual and mysterious then lace. It doesn't leave everything bare so that you feel naked but definetly shows a lot of skin. It also serves wonders to hide little soft areas from showing. So if you don't already posses a nightgown, body suit or undewear of lace run off to Victoria secret or La perla and shop! It's something your man will appreciate and it makes you feel sexier and more  confident!
  2. Lace gloves. While I often do get odd looks when I wear them I just can't resist. They remind of fairytales where princesses would wear long gloves to their ball gowns. Wether fingerless or full these are a must have for every princess inside of us.
  3. Lace dresses naturally are the most fabulous things ever. While not every dress can be a Marchesa gown the lace serves to make the dress a ladylike sexy and also often optically slims. What I love about the dresses is that you can pair them with boots or glamour and it always looks dazziling.
  4. Lace shorts. My lace shorts from Partritzia Pepe are my absolute favorite Spring/sumemr must have. They look so sweet and innocent and require no other accessories as they themselves are breathaking enough. While I often envy the childrens section in Masion  et Scotch for having such adorable lace shorts I can luckily prevent myself from stocking up in case I ever have a child, but if you do beware! Once you enter that section your child will have more lace than it wants ;)
  5. Naturally the reason I even wrote this post. My new beloved lace jacket. It's instant love and I have now worn it for 2 days stright :)

Now spill what are your favorites?

Still loving fashion,


  1. Congrats to your Bday and I wish you all the best. Have a great day.

  2. happy belated birthday!! LOVE that jacket! and totally agree on lace shorts!


  3. a bit late but still happy, happy birthday.. sending you lots of love:)

  4. Belated happy birthday! :) Well, I must confess that I am in love with lace bodycon dresses and lace tops <3


  5. Happy belated-birthday! Hope it was a great one.


  6. Thank all you guys so much! I'm so thankful to have great readers like you :)

  7. Hi I love lace such a pretty cool look! Happy Birthday too!! Would you like to follow each other? xx

  8. I love Selena and she looks gorgeous in that dress! Great post! :)

  9. Schöner Blog, gefãllt mir

  10. Happy birthday!!
    nice post!


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